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  1. I have a interview this week with the director of the ICU at the hospital where I work. Right now I am a telemetry RN. Does anyone have any good book suggestions of how to prepare to get comfortable with gtt's and the like? I have a hemodynamics book and another handbook, but any suggestions you guys have would be great. Another thing I wanted to ask was any good questions to ask during the interview? I've been told asking questions is good, but I'm not sure what kind. I appreciate any and all advice, tips. Thanks for being patient with me.

    Happy Nurses Week!
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  3. by   Esme12
    icufaqs.org....great site index
  4. by   detroitdano
    Ask about the staffing ratio. For a full-on ICU (not step-down) 2:1 is safe, 3:1 is unsafe and you need to walk away. Heck, some days I'm 2:1 and feel unsafe because of short staffing. It's your license on the line, be smart.

    I've talked with lots of new hires and it seems they like to question how you would handle a coworker disagreement, how you would handle a doctor who won't listen to you, and usually a scenario question where they give you a general problem like COPD exacerbation worsening until you've backed yourself into a corner with your treatment options and then you have to defend why you went that route. They're really looking for some general knowledge, but more that you're going to use multidisciplinary help. If you've been a nurse you should do fine on anything like that.

    As for resources, that website listed above rocks. The rest you'll learn as it comes. No need to read up on the different patient populations who would benefit from Levo instead of Neo or what IVF is a good choice based on different shock states. Any good orientation will school you on that.

    Good luck!