Critical Care Education Specialist

  1. Does your hospital employ them? What do they do? Are they helpful? Considering interviewing for the position. We do not have a formal C.C. internship program in place. Thanks for ant feedback.
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  3. by   my2sons
    ah, make that ANY feedback. Anyone....
  4. by   gwenith
    Yes we do employ one and I have worked in that position myself but I don't know if my experience can help you.
  5. by   JWRN
    I work as a critical care nurse clinical nurse specialist in a large hospital in TX. We have a CC internship twice a year in Jan and June. There are three of us. We are all master's prepared (one is working on her's). There are nurses in education positions that are not master's prepared, they are called clinical education specialist. I would say go for it. It is a fun job. I like what I do...most of the time..All of the CNS/CES sit on many committees which takes up a lot of time....

    Regardless, if you have the experience go for it.
  6. by   EmeraldNYL
    We have a clin. specialist in my unit, she is responsible for organizing orientation for the new hires, matching them up with preceptors, making sure staff is up to date with all their competencies and ACLS, etc.