Microbiology and Pathophysiology at the same time.


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I plan to take both Microbiology and Pathophysiology for at the same time for Spring 2021; however, I am worried about it being hard and having to retake one of them. Microbiology is a prerequisite for my nursing school and I am unsure if I should take both of them at the same time. Or take Pathophysiology next semester for Fall 21. The thing is, all my classes will be online for Spring 2021. Both are 4 units. 


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Do you think you can handle both classes at the same time? I think it is doable, but will require work on your part. If possible, I would err on the side of safety and take the classes separately to make sure you can get A's in both classes. Best of luck to you!

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I've never had pathophysiology but Microbiology is actually a doable subject with another science in my opinion , with Microbiology as long as you have a teacher whom breaks things down (or goes by PowerPoints) I feel it should be easy. Best of luck?

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I would do it separately.  You're in CA and you know it's competitive. Why chance  perhaps not doing well in one class?  Plus, a lot of what they cover in both classes will come back around when you are in nursing school.  You want to try to absorb and remember as much material as you can.  Just my opinion.