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Micro and Stats over summer

Specializes in Surgical ICU, Cardiac/Surgical Telemetry.

I was thinking, if I do these two coures over the summer i'll be able to apply to nursing school for spring 2010.

Is this doable? Its 8 credits. I also wanna work part time as a CNA (i'm getting my CNA license soon). I don't wanna end up failing. I wanna be able to Ace them both.

What do ya think?

I don't see why not...

I did Micro over the summer and it was difficult as it was a shortened quarter at 8 weeks - and the schedule had one 5 hr lecture and one 5 hr lab per week... I did get an A- but it was close.

I'm in stats now and I think the intro to stats is pretty easy.

I would be prepared to cutback on CNA hours in order to Ace the micro - but I'm sure it's doable (you didn't say how many hours you are working) - it sounds like u want re-assurance... I'd say go for it.

zipadeezoe, BSN, RN

Specializes in Surgical ICU, Cardiac/Surgical Telemetry.

Yeah, I'm getting my CNA license soon so I don't have a job to know what my hours would be. I could probably just work weekends. (20hrs or less a week).

Yeah hah, i do want reassurance. I'm a pretty good math student, its been a year since I've taken a math class, but I'm still good at it. I've heard stats over the summer was hard though.

If it helps to decide your opinion - stats would be MTWTh 3 hrs/day and Micro is TWTh 4 hrs/day.

Also, if any of you could look over at my last post on the CSU Long Beach thread, you might have an answer for me. Its kind of an awkwardly worded question, but I think anyone might be able to answer it. Not just CSULB students


I just saw your CSU post. It really depends on how your school ranks applicants. Some schools rank resume, gpa, cumalative gpa, interview etc.. some schools just have a subjective ranking based on pre-reqs and your grades in them. Sometimse advisors of the program will freely give out their ranking formula so you can have a better guess of where you will be... did you try searching for last years forums to see info students being accepted?

I think the stats and micro are totally doable... My micro was busy..and many people didn't get the grades they wanted.... but I don't think they were prepared or willing to sacrifice some summer time for study time. I think the stats class is pretty doable.. I haven't been in a math class in 6+ years and it has not been bad at all... Good luck on your CNA stuff... if anything I'd just sacrifice that as needed ;) good luck on your app process.


zipadeezoe, BSN, RN

Specializes in Surgical ICU, Cardiac/Surgical Telemetry.


My question about the unversity was not so much a "will I get in" question. I pretty much know that I will. California transfer students with grades as good as nursing students always do.

The question is, if I apply for Spring, and decide not to go till Fall, do I need to submit another application or will it cross over?

The application deadline closes on November 30th for Fall admissions to the CSU (not nursing program), and I can not decide whether or not to apply for Fall 2010 until I hear back from the NS for Spring '10. And by the time i DO hear back from them, the application period for the CSU (not NS) will be closed. So if I got denied for spring by the NS, and wanted to apply again for Fall, it would be to late to apply to the CSU. (The CSU and NS have different deadlines).

I don't know if that makes more sense, I don't know how to word it so it does.


I think it's totally doable. I took 14 credits over the summer (A&P I with Sociology in Summer I and A&P II with Nutrition in Summer II). I got married 2/3 of the way through Summer II, which made for a hectic few weeks, but in terms of classwork it was fine.

i got a question... should i do summer school for microbio and anatomy 2, in the summer.? because if i do i will be able to start the nursing program in the fall...

but i also dont know hwo hard they will be because i think they each will be shortened to 4 weeks...(each subject)

if i cant do this this summer then i can stil get in the spring program... i just thought that i would fasten the process, dunno if it will be hard though....

I think it is doable... AP2 and micro are both demanding. I would do it in order to get into the fall start.. if I was not working and was ready to study ;)

Are you guaranteed a fall start slot?

Good luck!

my adviser said that they will definitely have a spot for me if i tell them ahead of hand

but i dont think i can do both... because i was planning to work this summer to save up as much as i can so i can pay for my upcoming classes... maybe ill just do one out of those 2.

thanks for the encouragement! i feel less stressed out now

neo - food for thought...

the amount of money that you earn this summer.... is it worth it compared to being in a program for a fall start which could potentially get you to become an RN 6 months earlier (I'm assuming you'd be delayed by a quarter plus a summer)...

I'm in the situation where I'm taking out student loans to do an accelerated program. It's painful and somewhat counter intuitive now -but when you do the math is the clear winner.

yea i was thinking about that too, but what if i fail.. or get a low grade...

im just really scared, because theres people saying that its really hard in the summer.... and im trying to find people who had this class already, so i can study from their notes ahead of time

so what if i take the class and didnt do so well because it was too short to comprehend everything. and i would have to take it again in the fall...?

this is a really tough situation, and im trying to figure out whether i should do it or not... possibilities and variables are my greatest fear right now...

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