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In the past, I have taped every single Micro and A&P lecture. I even taped most of my A&P labs, since I had the same instructor for both and he did a lot of lecturing in lab. I still have all my tapes AND notes for these classes, quiet a few tapes I might add. My question is this...I will begin an ADN program in August and I intend to keep my A&P tapes for future reference (to go along with my notes), but do I really need to keep my Micro tapes since I still have all my notes? Is there much reference back to Micro during nursing school? :rolleyes: It would help me to not have to buy and store more tapes. I know they are inexpensive, and am willing to do so, if the concensus is to keep them. But if I could erase and retape over the ones I have, that would be less money and less storage room that I'll need.

Thanks for your help and input,

Shonda :confused:

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Here is a vote for NOT keeping them/reusing the tapes. I have been out of my basic program for 23 years and have completed a BSN and MSN since. I have kept books, syllabi and such but by and far the ONLY thing I ever end up consulting is my book. I still have my A & P book. It's cute (but outdated).

Good luck.

My guess would be that you will never again consult them. I use an A&P book occasionally, Merck Manual frequently, and a drug book every day.

Do you really want all those tapes around??? You will have to remember a little A/P every now and again, remembering Micro will just make you feel special and smart. Most nursing books have review sections on A/P and the little Micro that you would need to know. Don't worry about it, with saving the tapes. You would be better off taping the future nursing lectures instead, even though, in my opinion that only helps a little bit. Good luck with everything and just relax. :cool:

Keep your books and notes, recycle the tapes. You may need to reference occasionally, but it is much easier to find information in organized notes or a text book than scanning through tapes. I taped lectures for complicated courses to, however, I only used them to study for the course exams and recycled them after. I would definitely recycle the micro tapes and consider recycling the A&P ones as well if you have good notes...lecture tapes are difficult and time consuming to use as references. Tapes are great study aids but poor references.

Thank you all for your responses. You all said about what I figured to be true. Reference back to the books and notes and not worry about the tapes. Whew!!! That's a relief!!! :D Didn't want my stock pile to grow any more than it has already.

Thanks again and happy riding :cool:

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