Which school should I go to? Questions?

  1. i have a general associate's degree because i wasn't sure what i wanted to do. i've thought about nursing since entering college in 2007. the part that holds me back is the wait list and how difficult it is to get into nursing schools. i've taken my classes all over. english comp 1, english comp 2, american government, intro to psychology, and intro to sociology taken at occ. nutrition and microbiology were taken at schoolcraft. i got a 4.0 in all of my classes except american government and intro to sociology. i'm currently about to take anatomy & physiology 1 at schoolcraft. i'm aware of the long wait there, last time i heard 5 years?!?!?!

    my question is do i have to retake all of my classes at one school to increase my odds of getting in? i think i do..... like even though i got a 4.0 in microbiology and nutrition, if i wanted to get into occ i would have to take it at occ and get a 4.0 too?

    or should i just go with the ultrasound tech program or xray program instead? there are so many options. i'm 23 and i want to make something of my life some day.
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  3. by   ORoxyO
    Don't setttle for another career just because there are wait lists. You'll likely be unhappy later.

    Apply to all of those schools, you never know when you'll get a spot. And while you are waiting for that spot, you can take some pre-reqs for a rN-BSN program if that interests you. That way when you do become a nurse you'll be ready to go. Also, apply to schools such as Macomb that do not have wait lists. They rank you in and let the tops ones in. IF you get in, great. If not, at least you are on wait lists elsewhere.
  4. by   rystle
    I haven't taken any of the entrance tests though (like HESI, TEAS, etc.) I'm scared of not being able to score high enough because I haven't been in school for a year and a half. At what point would I take these entrance tests? After Anatomy & Physiology or before? I'd like schools close within commuting distance so I can live at home. I live in the Novi area.

    What can I do while waiting for nursing programs? Just keep applying to as many as I can? Would it be helpful to work as a Medical Assistant?
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  5. by   Prenurse in training
    Taking the entrence exams depends on the school. Like at Wayne Community College you can only take the TEAS test AFTER you have taken A and P 1 and 2 and another class I believe. At Washtenaw Community College where I am at now you can take the TEAS at any point before submitting your application for the program. So it depends on the school. There are study guides you can get that will help you with the entrence exam. Just remember check with the schools you are applying to see which test they use. I think a majority of schools are using the TEAS test but there are some that use the HEIS exam and others. Schoolcraft College offers a TEAS prep class that will help you pass which that is something you can think about taking just to help give you an edge.

    I agree with OroxyO, I would not go into another field because of the wait list for nursing. If you go into another career you maybe miserable. But, i do know where you are coming from because I am 24 years old myself and just want to get into a program somewhere (which I did) and get your career going.

    I think working as a Medical Assistant, CNA, EMT, Paramedic is all good while waiting because you get medical experiance which will help you in the long run. While you are on the wait list I would finish up anyother general education classes you may need at that school or others you have applied to so once you actually get into the program all you have to worry about is the nursing classes themselfs.

    As far as the classes you have taken already again I would check with the schools you are applying to. Some schools for example Wayne Community College, you have to take 12 credits at their college beofre you can even apply to the program. Also, with Wayne Community they do a point system so therefore the more pre reqs you take at Wayne Community the more of an edge you will get in. At Washtenaw Community they do not care where you took the pre reqs at as long as you have a 2.7 gpa, 70 or better onthe TEAs pass the background check you will be placed on the waitlist because Washtenaw is a non competitive college. So again it depends on the schools you are applying to on weather or not you should retake classes at that particular school.

    Having a 4.0 in your pre reqs is GREAT keep it up. If you decide to take classes over at other schools then YES I would definetly aim for that 4.0. In a competitive school the better your grades are in pre reqs the better it is for you.

    Good luck with everything.
  6. by   rystle
    Thanks, where is a good CNA school? Any recommendations? I ultimately want to be a Nurse Anesthetist or maybe even Physician Assistant. I'm not sure if nursing is where I should be at because I hear some people burn out quick. I'd like to work at labor/delivery room or with newborn babies. I love helping people. I enjoy watching medical mysteries on tv and when I get my blood work done at the doctor's office I always ask for a copy and try to read it. I'm always friendly with people.

    On the other hand, I love nutrition. I'm always cooking healthy foods and reading the food labels at the grocery store. I love exercising too. I can probably tell you all the proper foods to eat and the ones to avoid especially which specific ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, hydrolyzed, monosodium glutamate, etc. I like to eat everything natural, nothing processed. I'm also vegetarian, but I eat vegan meals a lot when I cook myself. I use lots of nuts especially unsalted cashews to make some sauces and dips.

    Is there a way to find out if nursing is good for you? I fear that I would go through the program and work for a year then not be happy, does that happen sometimes?

    I'm 23 and waiting til I'm 28 to start seems late. Also, I wouldn't be done until 30 and that seems like a long time to begin a career. I really want to start now or in a year or two. Only prereq I need to take is anatomy and physiology.
  7. by   Prenurse in training
    I took my CNA class at Washtenaw Community College and the program was good. Some community colleges in the area offer CNA Classes such as HFCC, Schoolcraft, Wayne COmmunity, American Red Cross, and some private schools offer it.

    I dont know how I can answer you on how you would know if nursing is a right fit for you. I would get your cna and work for awhile as a CNA and see what nurses do at the facility. Or maybe see if you could job shadow a nurse somewhere.

    Burn out happens at every job. When I worked as an EMT Basic I knew a lot of people who got burnt out quick and it was so much the job as it was them working so many hours and picking up OT all the time.
  8. by   jeberger2007
    As long as your credits transfer, I don't think you would have to retake classes. The one thing is, every school is starting to require a specialized pre-req from them. For instance HHSC-1040 for Macomb Community College is now a pre-req for the nursing program and the GPA is used into applying for the nursing program. Its all about what you want to do. I don't know if you should go get CMA, it is kind of redundant. Yeah the programs maybe readily there but personally I wouldn't settle for that position. If you have the drive for Nursing you will no doubt become a nurse. I hope you figure out something. Best of luck!
  9. by   kvisintine
    If you already have an associates... why not look at a BSN degree at somewhere like OU? You might only have 2 years until completion, which is the same amount of time it will take you to get through the associates program at OCC.
  10. by   rystle
    Quote from kvisintine
    If you already have an associates... why not look at a BSN degree at somewhere like OU? You might only have 2 years until completion, which is the same amount of time it will take you to get through the associates program at OCC.
    My associate's degree is in Liberal Arts, not Nursing. I'm not sure it would apply there and I haven't taken all pre req's.
  11. by   Anne36
    Im not sure why you dont just apply at OCC? Your grade point is great! No, I do not think you need to retake those classes at OCC. What you really need to do is sit down with a counselor over at OCC and go through the checklist of classes you need to apply. So, are you starting A&P in January? There is no wait list for OCC at this time, you are either in or out. I think the applications for RN are do in Dec, so you could apply in 1 year from now. You may have to retake one of the classes you didnt get an A in.
  12. by   rystle
    Any other good places besides OCC? I like Schoolcraft a lot, but wait list is long. I understand that Wayne County Community College goes by the points system and it is better to take all the classes at their college. What about Lansing Community or Washtenaw Community College? Do they go by the points system? I'm taking A&P. I'm also interested in Washtenaw Community College, so it doesn't matter where you take the classes at there?

    Ok, so I was reading and Washtenaw has a waiting list like Schoolcraft? Looks like I'm best to stay with OCC. Any other recommendations on schools, please?
  13. by   rystle
    Should I even retake Intro to Sociology? I got a B in that class.
    For OCC, I need to take A&P. Does it matter if I transfer credit from Schoolcraft College to OCC for A&P?

    Then, retake American Government and Intro to Sociology. The rest of my classes for prereq's for OCC are an A, but does it matter if a couple are transfer classes from Schoolcraft? I took microbiology and nutrition at schoolcraft also taking a&p.

    Is there a place to review for the Math Proficiency Exam? I want to do good and forgot some of the math.

    Should I apply for Schoolcraft even though there is a long wait list? I have to take the TEAS for that, what should I study? Is it even worth applying to Schoolcraft since OCC will probably get in quicker? (hopefully)
  14. by   FinallyLPN,RN
    Are you looking for an associates program? If not Davenport University doesn't have a wait list. They have an LPN program and a BSN program. I know they transfer a lot of classes too. Wouldn't hurt to look into it.