Which hospitals in the metro Dertroit area...

  1. Which hospitals in the Wayne County area have good preceptor programs? I will be graduating in May and I guess I should do med-surg to start with, but I am extremely nervous about it. I would really like to work somewhere where they care about training a new nurse properly. I have been unable to do an externship due to my hectic school schedule and children needing to see their mom. It seems like most of my classmates are just thrown into situations with out proper orientation at their externship jobs. I would just like to avoid that. I want to learn my job and be good at it and not be resenting it because I was not trained properly.
    Any insight would be a wonderful help because I do not know anyone personally who is a nurse to ask.
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  3. by   addie80
    Good question!!If you find one let other nurses know. I dont want to sound negative but the truth is there is a shortage for nurses(extrmely)There is even a shortage for instructors that's why it is such a waiting list to get into nursing programs. I would suggest just jump in there & start with med surg. I guarantee you after you leave there you will be ready for anything. The thing to keep in mind is if not sure then ask,dont guess. You will be surprised at the things you learn in the classroom will come back to you. You are really at an advantage because what you have learned is still fresh in youir mind so use that knowledge.In a setting let med surg,not only will it help later but it will give you that additional knowledge that you just wont get in school. God Bless
  4. by   aileenve
    I agree completely with Addie80, you will need med-surg even if you choose another specialty later; you will learn a lot if you keep your eyes and ears open! And remember there are no stupid questions!
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    Stay Away From Sgh