St john Main hospital

  1. is anybody currently working or worked at st.john medical center in gross point? is it a good hospital to work or do you recommend another hospital? what is a work environment like?
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  3. by   NBMom1225
    I've done several clinicals at St. John Main, and have two classmates that will be starting there as new grads in a couple of weeks. Most of the units are well run and the staff is helpful and friendly...there are nurses that have been on some of the units for 25 and 30 yrs, so St. John must be doing something right! I'd definitely avoid the Pediatric unit though, it's badly stocked, the med room is very unorganized, and the PCA's would always disappear every time there were students on the floor.

  4. by   poppy07
    This is a good hospital for experience. They are having issues right now with their budget, like many in the area. They will not give nurses a raise this year, are cutting vacation accrual by 8 hours, small changes made to the prescription coverage, and it's possible that may do something with the match for retirement contributions. I like working there with the people. They have been in the unit a lot longer than many hospitals can claim to keep their employees, and my coworkers are very intelligent.
  5. by   ORNurseAngie
    what about the area? is it a bad area? is it scary to drive there?>
  6. by   SnowStar4
    It's pretty much right off the expressway and you get to park nice and close. You should not be scared to drive/work there.
  7. by   logique
    St John Main is in Detroit on the border of Grosse Point. The parking for employees is very convenient and you don't have to shuttle in, which is nice. I personally love working there and wouldn't work anywhere else.
  8. by   gregsbouch0816
    The drive is easy due to its location right off I-94. I have had 1 med/surg clinical there and really enjoyed it, felt very safe, convenient parking, good cafeteria food if you forget your lunch. Great helpful nursing staff and very organized punctual patient care. A fellow student of mine did an externship there and loved it so much she subsequently switched 2 of her clinicals to St John main. She loves it and recently got a raise (as a Nurse Tech). She plans to work there after passing boards this July.