RN -Challenge

  1. Can a registered EMT or Paramedic challenge the Michigan RN exam if they have all the correct prereq's?

    A girl in one of my classes is one or either of these and is finishing up her prereq's this semester and said she is going to challenge the R.N. exam and if she passes she will be a R.N by June.

    Is she for real, dreaming or basically full of it???
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  3. by   psalm
    ...probably not, because even if she has extensive experience from the field, she needs to know all the how and why behind the symptoms...and what to anticipate. She needs clinicals in OB, Peds, Med/Surg, Psych. She needs to know how to delegate and work with a team and ancillary personnel. No doubt her experiences will help her ease into nursing but I highly doubt, at least here in Michigan, that she could "test out". And would anyone want her as their nurse if they knew?
  4. by   TexasPediRN
    One has to be a graduate of an Nursing school before being able to take the RN (or LPN) exam.

    Pre-req's are just that - pre requisites for ones nursing classes..you cant jump the gun and not take any nursing classes.

    My thoughts would be to say that shes full of it..
  5. by   elkpark
    There is no state in the US that allows individuals to "challenge" the NCLEX-RN without having completed an approved (by the state BON) nursing education program. There are a few (two, I think) states that allow people with military healthcare backgrounds to challenge the NCLEX-PN without having gone to nursing school, but no one can challenge the RN licensure exam.

    Sometimes people mean lots of different things when they say they are going to "challenge" the exam. Esp. since since mentioned she would be done "by June," could she possibly mean she is going to do an on-line program like Excelsior? That would not involve going to a traditional, "bricks & mortar" nursing school, but it also would not be "challenging" the NCLEX -- she would take the exam after she completed an approved nursing education program.