Pharmacology in the summer at OCC - page 2

Has anyone received their class schedule for pharmacology in the summer for the traditional program? I am still waiting for mine, and wanted to see if anyone else has gotten theirs or if they're... Read More

  1. by   MsHall47
    I am also registered for tuesday 9am-1pm, I am goin to pick up syllabus Friday
  2. by   cjbacjba
    are we supposed to be doing some reading b4 class starts?
  3. by   kk54321
    yes, in the syllabus look at the learning activities, its just after the content outline. it tells u the pages to do at the bottom
  4. by   vm156
    I am also in the online class. In the intro email, the instructor said to log into Blackboard 6, but in the nursing section they say it is being taught in the new version of Blackboard (which I am unable to sign into with my bb6 username and password). The class doesn't show up in my list on bb6. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. by   kreaglin100
    I went into blackboard 6 and I am not set up in there either. I think I'll call Monday if it's not set up by then.
  6. by   cjbacjba
    the class doesn't show up on my list either...I was thinking that it will show up on May 11. Is this class going to be hard?
  7. by   kk54321
    I think its going to be pretty hard. How far are you guys on the learning activities? I am just finishing up Unit 1 and its already Sunday! I need to hurry up
  8. by   kreaglin100
    Yikes, I haven't started at all except to browse the textbook and review my medical terminology text (I kind of "took" that class by myself this winter, I bought texts and worked through stuff just so I didn't waste the whole winter semester). I am planning on diving in pretty hard when the class starts 5/11, sounds like everyone will be ahead of me already on day 1.
  9. by   kk54321
    Well they did recommend that we start the learning activities before class starts. But that is really smart that you took medical terminology! I'm sure that will be a huge help during school. I am very excited for class to start!
  10. by   michiganmark_rn
    Word of advise from someone who is in the program, you can save your money and skip buying the dosing calculations book. The math is quite easy, your instructor gives you practice problems and the book is a waste of money. Use that extra $$ for something useful like a nice stethoscope or anti-anxiety meds
  11. by   MsHall47
    Question??? Is our Math Medication Calculation Test the first day of class? its the 10 problem math test explained in the syllabus
  12. by   cjbacjba
    I just bought the syllabus at the SF book store....I'm wondering if it is the right one. Is the syllabus light purple?
  13. by   kk54321
    yep! thats the right one
    Im curious about the test on the first day too.. GOOD QUESTION