OCC (Michigan) LPN to ADN transition program

  1. A few questions:

    It looks like I am probably getting into LPN school starting in January and ending in December next year. I want to go on to an RN as soon as possible, and I am looking at the OCC program for LPNs to transition.

    If anyone has done the program, I have a few questions:

    1. Is there a waiting list? If not, is the program as competitive as the "normal" ADN program? I have a BA, good test scores, etc, so I'll probably be in good shape, but the catalog does not list very many requirements.

    2. There are three listed prerequisites: A&P I and II and microbiology. Can any of them be taken concurrently with the nursing classes, or must they be done ahead of time?

    I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi. Since your asking about a particular school, I'm moving this to the Michigan forum.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Ms.RN
    it depends on what lpn program you attended. if you graduated from anohter colleg, hfcc, wccc etc the lpn to rn program is one year long. if you went to occ for lpn program, the program is about 8 month. you need to be doen with a & p , microbiology before you start nursing program. i thought they also require english, psychology class. other than those required classes, there are no other requirements, no nursing entrance test, no gpa requirement, just your license need to be in good standing.
    i also want to let you know about occ nursing program, that this school accepts very large number of students and they weed out alot of students by the end of the program, and they make admission requirements very easy for the students. i went to schoolcraft and we had to take net test. this school accepts only 100 students and about 80 students graduate by the end of the program.
  5. by   Annieee
    I'm still working on my prereqs, but I attend OCC, to be 'first priority' to be accepted into the ADN, they want you to complete these prereqs with a C or higher:
    Anatomy 1&2
    Composition 1&2
    Into to Psychology
    American Government
    A PE credit and 3 arts/humanities credits.

    I spoke with my counselor and she said that the nursing acceptance program has priority on who has the better grades. She also said that they look for how long you've designated your degree to NUR.APP

    They want you to be completely finished with Microbiology, Anatomy 1&2 before you start the nursing program. If you did these classes, and not the ones I listed above, you'd be grouped into the 'second priority' group of who will be accepted into the program sooner.

    I hope that helped! And if you want to find out more, just go to the career center at your school. They have a bunch of brocheures and transfer guides.
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