Michigan and excelsior

  1. Anybody from michigan thinking or already taking the excelsior RN route?
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  3. by   UMichSCN07
    I personally haven't, but I have a co-worker whose aunt (paramedic background) did. I can try to get you some info, if you want.

    Mike in Michigan
  4. by   MsPiggy
    I've thought about it back and forth, even had my transcripts reviewed and got a elective done last semester but think it would definately be easier with a study partner, I need more of a kick in the butt to stay motivated since I've been a LPN so long, I go back and forth, is it really worth it at this stage in my life, yes because I'll have more opportunity and not be "stuck" in my career. I'm pretty much capped out on my pay, I'm getting older etc...- Like I say I would probably be more motivated to continue if I had a buddy doing it with me and to study with.
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  5. by   cpgmich
    I'm a medic from Michigan and became an RN thru Excelsor's program last June and I highly recommend it!! For me, the traditional nursing school wasn't an option, so the self study route was my choice. I loved it! There are many EC grads in Michigan. I was offered an RN job as a Grad Nurse while waiting to take my NCLEX-RN. You'll find all the tools necessary to be successful with EC on many of the Yahoo groups. There are thousands of EC students in these groups offering support, encouragement, study aids, just about anything you need to get you thru the program. My study group extended almost around the world! email me if you want more info!
  6. by   adn44
    I will seriously consider it after I finish my lpn program.
    I have heard about excelsior, it seems to allow an option to attain an RN degree.
  7. by   kappykatlpn
    hello everyone! I am also thinking about getting my rb through excelsior college!! I am a LPN, and attending classes would not work! This seems like a great idea, to go at your own pace!
  8. by   ivel
    I have taken the excelsior route. It is excellent if you are a fast and self taught disclipined learning and a good test taker as well. I did not buy any of their books (not recommended for all) I used all of my own.
    I finished in about 5 months. Now I am working on my BSN at a local university.
  9. by   medicrnohio
    I work in Michigan as an RN and I'm an Excelsior grad. I've never had any problems getting a job.
  10. by   fuerza757

    Re: LPN-RN

    I'm on this page because I will be relocating to MI soon, and hoping that MI accepts Excelsior grads. I would really like to go through this college to complete my degree. I have been going to college for 7 yrs. part-time, and this it is such a slow process, because of shift rotations at the hospital I work for. Can you tell me about the testing process. Do you register for the Class? or exam after completing the text work ? And does excelsior set you up for testing?
    The website is not that clear. I see registration to take exams?

    Testing center for clep or online ? How does it work?

    Thanks for any input.
  11. by   Dabuggy
    OK, I see this is an old thread, but what are the clinicals like at Excelsior? That is how many days and where did you go?

    Thank you

  12. by   erinp88
    I'm desperately trying to make a decision on Excelsior right now. Is anyone from Michigan in the GR area that went through it?

    I have been an LPN for almost 6 years and was not able to get into the program I wanted for fall 07'. Meaning, I'd have to wait another year to start.

    My fear is that I have limited acute care experience and I will bomb the CPNE. I used to work as an ER tech about 8 years ago, but that has seemed to have all left me.

    Any other Michigan experiences would be greatly appreciated.

  13. by   erinp88
    Quote from Dabuggy
    OK, I see this is an old thread, but what are the clinicals like at Excelsior? That is how many days and where did you go?

    Thank you


    Sorry I didn't respond earlier.. For clinicals you have to go to either Albany, NY, Madison, WI or another regional testing center. I believe it is for a weekend and it's called CPNE (not sure what it means, except for the E being examination). There are lots of threads on it and trust me, I have been looking at all of them. It is a stressful event from what I've seen. However, most people say don't worry about it until you get there. There are 7 (6 if you're an LPN) nurse concept examinations you must take first and have 21 of 31 general ed credits done.

    For the most part, I have read positive remarks regarding Excelsior. Check out the "Distance Learning Forum" under the student tab. There you will find loads of info on it!

    Hope this helps.
  14. by   Dabuggy
    Thank you Erin,

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