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Let's share our experiences !!! I just wanted to start a page for those who are getting ready for Macomb Nursing program 2014. I actually applied this year(2013) for the first time. Unfortunately... Read More

  1. by   amandahath
    I can't wait to just know. I am going to go straight out pay the fee and find out my rank. Then I am going to look for all white shoes and a new backpack.
  2. by   amandahath
    That's if I get in…. hah
  3. by   kristinann
    This wait is terrible! I thought I was for sure border line but now I don't think it's possible to get in. I hope we get it Monday or Tuesday
  4. by   alaynamarie
    If u dont its because its meant to be a firm believer that EVERYTHING happens for a reason
  5. by   giggy2
    Four years ago I was an alternate in the nursing program, 30th out. I also got into PTA, OTA, RT, and Surg. tech.
    As soon as I paid my $100 for the PTA program, I lost my placement into the nursing program. Back then the PTA deadline was earlier than nursing too, so a decision had to be made. There was no guarantee that I would get in to RN and I wanted to make sure I got into a program.

    I don't regret my decision, I love physical therapy; the pay is awesome and so are my patients! I'm fortunate to work with a VERY good nursing staff at my SNF.

    My family thinks I am NUTS (I may be) to go back into a program and endure more torture, self inflicted! But I just have this feeling like I'm supposed to do it.

    Good luck to all of you!!! You've worked hard to get to where you are!
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  6. by   DeannaThomas
    Thank you giggy2 we all have worked so hard i it just sucks we all cant get in i know i probally wont make it this yr but i think everyone should have one practice try n one real try to get in im just looking at this as my practice run if i get it i get if not better luk next yr but if i dont get it nexy yr im done gonna try for wayne county communiyy colle program heard its muchhhhhhhh easier than macombs to get in
  7. by   amandahath
    Good luck @giggy2! I hope you make it in as well as everyone else that frequents these boards. I truly think the students who apply for the nursing program at macomb are some of the most determined and hardworking students. We all try so hard at our pre-reqs just to be considered for a spot in the program, then we worry for months whether or not we will get in. Hopefully we all know either tomorrow or Tuesday!
  8. by   DeannaThomas
    Agreed ....
  9. by   alaynamarie
    I hope they come today cuz i need to go pay my respiratory fee lol...its like Russian Roulette
  10. by   lz03
    If anyone hears anything, let's keep eachother posted. Hopefully they come today.
  11. by   alaynamarie
    No letter in my mail
  12. by   lz03
    I'm sure we won't get them now until at least Wednesday.
  13. by   alaynamarie
    I only had one piece of mail in there..and it was in there unusually hoping a neighbor had it by accident and threw it in there...i dont see a mail truck anywhere.....