LCC Accelerated Nursing Program

  1. Hi I just wanted to see how many people applied to the LCC accelerated nursing program. I applied for this upcoming September class. I am a bit nervous about my application. I have 47 points, and the cut off was 45 the last three years, but you never really know. Good Luck To All
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  3. by   LCCrn4me
    I applied. I had 50 points, lets hope that the accelerated cut-off doesn't jump as much as the traditional (it went from 74 to 77).
  4. by   LCCrn4me
    I can't believe the cut-off went from 45 last year to 52 this year. Needless to say I didn't get in. They are going to have to re-format the admission criteria. I hate to think of what people are going to need for next year. Snybody else find this a little shocking???
  5. by   nursegirlwannabe
    aaackk! how did you hear this? I think I had 51 stomach hurts....
  6. by   LCCrn4me
    I got the bad news in the mail today. You are close to the cutoff, maybe you will be an alternate. I know they had some for the traditional program.
  7. by   denit1am
    I know, that really sucked. I wish that I would have have applied to the traditional program, because I would have gotten in. I know that they had a lot of applications for this year, compared to previous years. I dont think that it can stay that high for next year. All of the people that got into the program must have had a 4.0 or previous work experience. I know that I will apply to both programs next year, and hope for the best.
  8. by   bella4490
    I'm very upset with the programs at LCC. If one were completely perfect, 4.0's in everything, etc. The most points they could have is 57. That's with a bachelor's degree. I have 51 points and I'm an alternate. I find it VERY upsetting to be told by advisors and so many people in the program "51 points! oh ya, you're a shoe in" and now I'm an alternate! Ugh, this is so frustrating. I refuse to retake courses that I did well in and received a 3.5 in just to get a 4.0. Also, how about some consideration for those of us that took courses at MSU during our Bachelor's degree? MSU courses are MUCH harder than LCC courses.

    I'm sorry, I am not happy with this at all. The admissions here is ridiculous! I'm also sorry that you didn't get in. I feel horrible for the people who have 52 points and are alternates. There are 7 alternates, and some of which have 52 points. Can you imagine? I had a bottle of champagne waiting b/c I thought I was a "shoe in," I guess it'll keep waiting for me and hopefully a miracle will occur.
  9. by   LCCrn4me
    I too was told that I shouldn't have a problem getting in with 50. The probem is that all the people who don't get admitted go out and retake all the courses to get better grades, which means more points, and raise the point cutoff. There are also a lot of people that have work experience that get a lot of points. Unfortunately now with the economy in Michigan no one can find jobs at hospitals, nursing homes, etc. I got my CNA so I could get experience and no one is hiring. I'm glad that people convinced me to apply to the traditional program or I would have to wait another year (that would make it 4 years i've been trying). I really wanted to get into the accelerated program though. Well, I keep my fingers crossed for everybody that's an alternate. Any to anybody that has to reapply again next year, or are still taking pre-reqs, let me know if I can be of any assistance. I will be more than happy to answer questions, or let you make copies of notes, etc.
  10. by   nursegirlwannabe
    Yup - I'm an alternate too...I thought 51 points was going to be enough. I'm stepping back from it all for a couple weeks just to try to decide what to do. Ugh.
  11. by   AnnaN5
    Sorry to all of you who didn't get in or are alternates. I have said it many times that LCC needs to totally revamp their admission system somehow because eventually all of the tracks will require the maximum points to get admitted. I have always said it isn't fair that a 4.0 for someone who retook the classes multiple times is equal to a 4.0 for someone who only took it once.
  12. by   naners0978
    Wow, that is quite a jump. I am shocked, actually. It is getting harder and harder to get in. I am doing the part time program and just got in with 77 points.
  13. by   HomeGrownMichiganRN
    I agree with everyone who says that LCC needs to revamp their admission points process. I am applying for the Traditional program in the spring and I am very nervous. I have gotten a 4.0 in every class thus far with the exception of Math 112 (I got a 3.5). The points for the traditional program went from 73 to 77-78 this year. Even with my good grades the most points I can get is 85 which as long as Pharmacology and Microbiology go well this fall I will. But with the points raising so high, I can't imagine someone who has an address out of district. That is 5 points lost for this very competitive program. I am so sorry for those of you who did not make the cut-off this year even after the councilors said you were "shoe-in's". I know that they can not predict what will happen but they need to figure out something so that students who do everything they possibly can to gain points can get in. I wish you the best of luck for next year and maybe we can become nursing students together!