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  1. Do I stand a chance of being accepted into LCC's 2013 nursing program if I don't have ALL of the pre/co-reqs completed by the end of this year?

    I have a 3.9 GPA, will have all of the pre/co-reqs (including Pharmacology) by the end of this fall term, except for Microbiology which I will take in the spring (both class and lab). I am also taking a 15 week Certified Nursing Assistant class this fall.

    It's not likely that I will find any kind of patient care employment until after I finish the course and take the certification exam. Currently, I do not work in health care so I can't earn any additional points there.

    I have an Associate's Degree in another field, but I don't know if they will accept that for consideration for their accerlerated track.

    I've been wanting to relocate to mid-Michigan for some time now and it would be great if I could attend NS there. But, I'm afraid that missing just 1 class will mean another 3 years of waiting - if I don't get into LCC next fall, I will attend nursing school where I'm at and look at employment opportunities in MI after I graduate.

    Sorry for such a long post and thanks in advance for any info anyone can give me!
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  3. by   SopranoKris
    If you don't have all the pre/co-reqs completed by the time you apply, you will lose 46 bonus points on your application. Last year's cut off was 141. You only get 6 points for the CNA course. If you're not officially recognized as an in-district resident at LCC when you apply (6 months of residency in district), you forefeit 5 points on your application. A 3.9 GPA would give you 80 points. If you don't have any volunteer work or patient care experience, you're only looking at 95 points, which is probably not enough to get in. If you complete all the pre/co-reqs, you'd have 46 more points, which would give you 141...last year's cut off! It would also give you time to get in some volunteer or patient care hours and get even more points.
  4. by   tortorRN
    Just wanted to say that the 141 point cut off is only for the 2 year program. I was possibly the last person they took (I had 141). But I believe that the accelerated was something like 109 or something like that.

    Volunteer if you can't work. I worked fulltime and also volunteered over 500 hours in one year just to help me on my nursing application. It probably was what pushed me to be in the program! Living in district is a bonus as well. Honestly you need either volunteering or work experience to get into the program.
  5. by   snow_bear
    That's what I was afraid of. I think I will be better off to finish school where I'm at and relocate after graduation. Hope the job market is better by then!

    Thanks for your responses.
  6. by   SopranoKris
    What tortor09 said is true. If you don't have grades and/or work experience to add to your points, you really won't have enough to get in. And 141 was last year's cut off. This year's cut off could be even higher (depending on the number of applicants). I'm hoping my volunteer hours will give me enough to get in. Fingers crossed!!!
  7. by   brynleighsmom27
    I have a question...Does anyone know how the points work if you are a transfew student?? i've taken most of all the classes required, but I dont live in district..Also, which entry test do you have to take? TEAS or HESI?? And does anyone know about the LPN program?
  8. by   RN_2_be_2013
    Transfer credits depend on the school they are from and some must have been completed within 2 years. LCC only offers an RN program but you can take your exam after competing the first year (other time frames apply if doing accelerated, 2nd degree or part time). There is no entrance exam or waiting list, it is a point based system.
  9. by   SopranoKris
    Quote from brynleighsmom27
    I have a question...Does anyone know how the points work if you are a transfew student?? i've taken most of all the classes required, but I dont live in district..Also, which entry test do you have to take? TEAS or HESI?? And does anyone know about the LPN program?
    You can transfer in classes and there is only a time limit on certain courses. Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Psychology, Human Growth & Development can't be older than 8 years. Pharmacology can't be older than 2 years.

    I was able to transfer credits that were over 18 years old for English, Algebra, Communications & Humanities. The rest I had to re-take because they were too old. It all depends on what they will and will not accept from your prior institution.

    The grades I earned in any pre-req that qualfies still count towards the GPA calculation, even though I didn't earn it at LCC.

    You have to be an in-district resident to get the full 10 points residency credit. If you're a MI resident but live out of district, you get 5 points.

    No HESI or TEAS test is required. There is no separate entry for LPN vs. RN. You can either choose to take the NCLEX for your LPN at the end of the 1st year and stop the program, or you can continue to finish the 2nd year and sit for the NCLEX-RN. So, it's very competitive for seats.

    They take 128 for the 2 year program, 32 for the 3-year (part-time) program, 32 for the 2nd Degree Accelerated program and 32 for the Advanced Standing (current LPN, EMT, Paramedic or Respiratory Therapist) each year. The 128 2 year program students are divided into 64 who start in the Fall and 64 who start in the Spring. Advanced Standing & Accelerated 2nd Degree students start in the summer.

    The complete Advising Guide is available online at this link: would highly recommend attending a pre-nursing seminar to get all your questions answered and set up an appointment with an advisor. The seminar is mandatory, because you cannot get your selective admissions application without the pink sheet in the seminar packet!

    Best of luck!
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