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Hello ......Does anybody express there recent experience regarding hiring of New Grads. How is the current job market in michigan ? your response would be appreciated. thanks... Read More

  1. by   CandyGyrl
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  2. by   ERRNinMI
    I don't think it's just MI who has the hiring problems. It's all over. It's the economy in general that is holding people back + the abundance of people wanting to become nurses now because they think it's going to be a stable career. I got my job as a GN/RN because I was a tech for 3 years prior to finishing school. Just passed boards btw too! I know several people who are graduating in December and I am willing to bet they are going to have a rough time locking down positions, especially because some places won't hire New Grads period. It's a tough market!
  3. by   Angelahealer09
    i just passed the nclex a few days ago, and it was the greatest feeling in the world!! unfortunately, i am also pregnant and about to have a baby maybe by september. i plan to search for jobs starting after i have the baby, so i'm really hoping things will be better by then. i guess it's just trying to stay positive, and know something will come soon.
  4. by   Angelahealer09
    Hey yes that is me I am now 31 weeks and just ready for this to be over with!! Congrats on passing nclex, i just took it on the 5th and passed, thankgod its over with. I look liek i should be having the baby any day, sorry I wasnt able to respond to private message it wouldnt let me. If you want private message me your number and we can talk.
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  5. by   cindyalgonac
    I am also in the job market for a registered Nurse position, and after sending out multiple applications at every hospital I know still no luck. I have received multiple rejection letters stating the employer is not hiring graduate nurses at this time. It is to my understanding that a graduate nurse is someone who has completed the education requirements but has not obtained their license. Is this a common letter to receive when I state on my resume/application that I do have my Registered Nurse License?
  6. by   Ms. Nurse Assistant
    Quote from angelahealer09
    i think michigan is just a rough place in general to get a job right now seems like. many people who lost their jobs most likely lost health insurance too, and medicaid doesnt pay as much back to hospitals, so their budget is probably low. i know they're is still a shortage because when i was doing clinicals, there was 1 nurse for every 8 patients, and most of the nurses were pretty stressed out. and probably many of the older nurses who wanted to retire cant now because of the cost of living being too high. this is just my own rationalization of things, but i could be wrong. i'm just kind of upset the school i graduated from didnt do more to help us find jobs; i went to hfcc. i guess the only thing we can do is keep trying. and for those who passed the nclex, atleast that's one less thing to worry about.
    this is really sad to hear. i have a friend who just graduated from hfcc and she is working as an rn at henry ford hospital. i thought the job market was a lot better in michigan