ITT Tech?

  1. Have any of you looked into their ADN program? It is new in Michigan this year; however, Indiana just had their first graduates, or are getting close to graduation.
    I took the HESI at ITT Tech in July. I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear something. If all goes well, I plan to start in September.
    One drawback is the cost. Another is that nothing you take here will transfer. That's something to condider if you are young and may eventually go on to obtain your BSN. Me? I'm in my 40's now. No chance of getting my BSN.
    Please post if you know anything about this school, or if you were one of the many who took the HESI here. No waiting list. Score high enough on the HESI and you're in. The caveat is that they are only taking 30 students to start. I plan to be one from the initial class. We should hear something this week.
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  3. by   swirlything
    I know nothing about ITT's ADN program. However, I do know that some major corporations in the US will not accept degrees from ITT tech. Not sure if that applies to nursing, since you will be state licensed. But I'd do some research before going to this school.
  4. by   ShannonW
    I know more than a dozen former ITT Tech students, and when I asked them, not even the three graduates of the school would recommend it. I don't know anyone in their nursing program, but I would be wary of going there if for no other reason than that the program is so new - maybe I'm strange, but I have no interest in suffering for the mistakes they've certainly already been making; there are always going to be issues and problems with new programs at any school.

    Depending on where you live, have you considered going for an ASN/ADN at a local community college? Some CCs in Michigan have very good nursing programs, and most of them are much (much!) cheaper than ITT Tech.
  5. by   elkpark
    I realize someone has to be the "guinea pigs" for any brand new nursing program, but it sure wouldn't be me.

    Also, in this day and age, I don't see how anyone can justify paying tuition (esp. expensive tuition!) for courses/credits that won't transfer to any other school. Once one has an ADN and license, continuing on to complete a BSN is not a big deal (compared to getting licensed in the first place). I've known lots of nurses over 40 who have continued their educations -- I had a boss once, in a state job, who was within a couple years of retirement who was working on a BSN in her free time (it wasn't even going to do her any good professionally (given the limited amount of time she was going to continue working) -- she was just doing it for the personal satisfaction). There are kazillions of BSN-completion programs out there that are extremely "user-friendly" -- designed for nurses working full-time, reasonably priced, many on-line ...

    Plenty of nurses start out thinking that they're always going to be happy doing bedside nursing and they're never going to want to return to school, but, a few years later, things start to look a lot v. different ... As you gain more experience and exposure in the larger world of nursing, you'll see lots of interesting jobs that require a BSN (or, at least, having one would make you a much more competitive candidate). You may even decide you want to go to graduate school (plenty of nurses in their 40s, 50s, even older, do.

    I have no personal feelings pro or con about ITT, but please think v. carefully before committing to a program in an expensive proprietary vocational school, esp. a brand new program. I think it's a big mistake to choose to close off any future career options for yourself, esp. in a field with as wide a range of options as nursing offers -- options that you won't really appreciate until you've been "out and about" in nursing for a while.

    Best wishes for your journey!
  6. by   Coruscatedgirl
    Thank you all for the replies. I hadn't considered the part about not knowing what other opportunities might present themselves down the road. True, true, very true. I'm not discouraged about being the first class here in MICHIGAN. In fact, I'm the opposite of discouraged. I am actually very excited about that prospect.
  7. by   Kourtnie11
    I also took the HESI exam for ITT and was just wondering if you made it in as one of the 30? I know it's expensive but like other posters have said, the wait list for most CC's and Universities is over 3 years at this point. I think that the immediate start into the program outweighs the cost.
  8. by   springing
    I wouldn't automatically say NEVER do ITT Tech, but do your research. Don't close off the BSN route or you will regret it. Call/email a variety of schools and ask them whether they will accept an ITT Tech grad in their RN-BSN programs. These are the schools I know of in Michigan with fully online RN-BSN programs: Ferris State, Michigan State, University of Michigan Flint and Eastern Michigan University. I believe Davenport as well, but they're private and expensive.

    Online RN-BSN programs abound all over the country. Contact as many as you can so you have that record. All you really need is a few of them to say yes, we do allow ITT Tech folks into our program and you're in the clear.

    Likewise, ask hospitals around the area - do they accept ITT Tech grads as new nurses? Will it make you less competitive?

    FWIW I have heard bad things about ITT nursing programs...but most of them are brand new. I guess it's to be expected.
  9. by   Coruscatedgirl
    Yes, I got in! I'm one of the top 30. How about you?
  10. by   smitty10
    congrats Coruscatedgirl!!!!!!!
  11. by   Kourtnie11

    Yep, I'm in!!! See you are orientation next week
  12. by   Coruscatedgirl
    Yes! I'm excited about orientation. See you there!
  13. by   smitty10
    congrats kourtnie11
  14. by   peggy629
    I am also starting there next week in IN, has anyone found out any statistics on their program? The Hospital where I work keeps warning me that their success rate is low.