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Hi everyone: Who hasn't received their letter yet on the decision for the nursing program? I know a group of you have but I'm wondering who hasn't yet. Michelle... Read More

  1. by   linux7
    Quote from changingcareer
    Well... Macomb got my HESI fee... but they WONT be requiring $100 from me... unless 61 people "take a hike" or some other miracle happens. Got my letter yesterday ...... out of 828 ranked applicants, 125 were accepted, and I am number 186.. . oh alternate they say.. 61 people... thats not going to happen.... Time to check into other schools... and take my education and money elsewhere.

    Hey looks to me like you have a good chance. I just came to know that there is going to be another batch of 30 fast track students. And I am sure there will be another 30 students that will accept positions elsewhere.

    Good luck!