Has anyone heard of LPN school called Nexcare Institute?

  1. Hey, I met someone that is in Nexcare Institute LPN program. This is their first year offering LPN program. I found out they are waiting to be accredited still. The program is one year and is $15,500. This class is at a nursing home in Westland. Anyone know anything about this program? Can I get a job at a hospital if I graduate from an uncredited program?
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  3. by   msbac
    I heard of it through the website michworks gives you to look for schools which is http://www.mycareereducation.org and it didn't give much information either I so I called up to nexcare and also looked at there website. Which didn't help either. I wouldn't trust an unaccredited school either. Oakland university has a lpn program at St. John Riverview Hospital in Detroit. They are currently accepting apps for Jan. 2011 class and the deadline is 9/1/10. Oakland website is Home - Oakland University
    The program cost is $14,000 + books and supplies (an additional $1290).
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  4. by   elkpark
    There is a Nexcare brand of bandaids -- any relation?
  5. by   LauJen
    No, they will not hire anyone from an unaccredited school. If you look at available job summaries on hospital websites, it says under requirements, "Graduation from an accredited school." Plus, why would you want to pay that much for something that isn't accredited? Stay away from that!
  6. by   Sirena922
    NexCare is on the Michigan Board of Nursing (michigan.gov) website as a approved school, so I would attend there because the Board approved it. I called and spoke with someone yesterday and she said they are in the process of getting accredited and you have to take 3 classes to get into the program. The cost has went up from last year which was 14,000 now its 15,500, thats what is crazy. Nursing programs are in demand so they keep raising the price and some schools don't even have finanical aid available. My sister-in-law got accepted into Everst Program and its $30,000. The lady told her yesterday to hurry up and complete her paper work because in September Everest will be going up on its price too. The American Medical Career Academy in Flint is on the government website also as a recognized school and its $20,000! I alway refer to the Michigan.gov website to look up any nursing school in Michigan to see if they approve the schools or not
  7. by   Sirena922
    FYI: Michigan Board of Nursing Approved Education Programs!


  8. by   LauJen
    Approval and accreditation are 2 totally different things. Accreditation is very important, and I wouldn't pay 15 grand if the school doesn't have it, sorry. Baker has been seeking accreditation for years now, and still can't get it. It takes a while, and they don't just hand it out to any school that applies. Your best/safest bet is a community college or a university. I would never invest money in a school that charges so much but yet offers very little.


    That's the Nation League for Nursing/Accreditation.... notice there are no everest institutes or nexcare schools on there. Beware of what you're getting yourself into.
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  9. by   Sirena922
    Thats very true what you are saying but what I'm saying is as long as you can take the NCLEX and pass it then your good and you can go to any school to finish your RN. Wtih a certificate for a LPN from either of these schools you still will need to take all pre-req's for any RN program, unless you get your LPN from a community college. I think the end result is getting that NCLEX. The Michigan Board of Nursing site simple states which schools they are going to recognize to take NCLEX certification. I use to feel the same way about accreditation but at the end of the day if the board is going to allow me to take my test then thats all good for me. Community Colleges are much cheaper but harder to get into due to the high demand. To each its own!
  10. by   Sirena922
    I just went on the site you provided. Wayne State isn't on there either, but I know they are accredited.
  11. by   LauJen
    Taking your boards and getting a job are also different. Hospitals obviously look at where your degree/certificate is coming from. Clearly they would hire someone from a reputable school over someone from "pay your your degree'' school like Everest.
  12. by   elkpark
    Quote from Sirena922
    I just went on the site you provided. Wayne State isn't on there either, but I know they are accredited.
    That's because Wayne State has CCNE accreditation, not NLNAC.

    On the other hand, v. few LPN programs are NLNAC accredited, period, regardless of the quality or legitimacy of the program.
  13. by   Sirena922
    Your right! Everybody has to do what they have to do for themselves! What school do you attend again?
  14. by   MsAshley
    does anyone know any other information about this? I am interested in doing an LPN program to get my LPN and I want to do it as soon as possible. Thanks so much!