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Hey Everyone, Davenport University has as everyone knows changed there Associate Nursing program is to now a BSN degree program! No problems there! I am however taking a Biostatistics class.... Read More

  1. by   WorkingTowardsBSN
    Vanno - did it work out with the Dept of Health?
  2. by   vannostrand
    Hello WorkingTowardsBSN, sorry it took so long for a response. I have been so busy trying to get everything done, I actually was able to use the tithers I had done in 2008 for some but everything else I paid out of pocket. I have everything except the skyscape.
  3. by   vannostrand
    WorkingTowardsBSN did you purchase skyscape?
  4. by   bsn5816
    Hello, I'm in my first semester at DU-warren campus. I am having a very hard time with pharmacology. It isn't clicking for me. My clinical starts next week and I'm very nervous. Any words of advice?