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Hi Everyone, I was curious if anyone has recieved their acceptance, or denial letters from Davenport University.. The wait is taking so long, and now going on three weeks is way to long.. I am... Read More

  1. by   MsAshley
    Hi everyone! I have been keeping up with the Davenport threads and I am interested in Applying for Fall 2011. I was wondering what exactly are the requirements to get into this program? I am pretty sure at some point throughout the multiple threads I have asked this but can't seem to find it (its a lot to sift through!) If someone could answer that for me I would greatly appreciate it! Also gpa wise, what was the lowest gpa that got in? I have a pretty decent gpa but I am looking to increase it. Do they only look at certain classes or do they look at your overall gpa? Any info that you all could share would be great! Also, congrats again!!