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I am excited. I was accepted into the ADN program at ITT this week. I start in the middle of September. Despite all of the negative feedback about the school, I will decide for myself and make the... Read More

  1. by   RN_Indya
    Thank god you guys found that out I was so stressed about that I started to make myself sick so I decided that I would wait and cross that bridge when I got there.
  2. by   ALM1002
    Hello everyone. I was excepted to ITT in Canton as well. I will be starting in September also. I'm so very excited and anxious to get started. I have my financial aid appointment tomorrow.
  3. by   RN_Indya
    Congrats @ALM1002 how did your financial aid appt go?
  4. by   scc1975
    Congrads to all, I currently attend ITT Nsg. School, im n my 3rd qtr. I like the program, cant wait til 4th qtr. We start our clinicals :-)
  5. by   RN_Indya
    Quote from scc1975
    Congrads to all, I currently attend ITT Nsg. School, im n my 3rd qtr. I like the program, cant wait til 4th qtr. We start our clinicals :-)
    @scc1975 what advice do you have for us incoing NS?
  6. by   scc1975
    My advice is to be organize your schedule, its alot of studying, but its fun, all those books you got, you will not used all of them in the first qtr. the main books would be, your Contemporary Nursing Book, your Medical Term book you may go up to the 4th chapter, at least we did. your NCLEX Book is a good source if your Fulltime at work, you may want to drop your so much to explain, but organization is the key...Dont wait to the last minute for any assignments you will get very behind. any other questions let me know...
  7. by   brynleighsmom27
    Does ITT Canton have a waiting list, or is is super competitive?? What did you ladies have to do to get accepted?
  8. by   RN_Indya
    The school was not super hard to get into all you do is call and ask to have your name placed on the list for orientation that they only have 3 times each semester(3times in spring 3 times in fall) you take the HESI(grammer, reading comprehension, math, and vocabulary) and whoever has the top 30 scores enter the program (my score was a 83.66% and I got in). My prior classes trasferred over(the pre-req are include in the program which is good for people just starting over) and it saved me at least $15,000. Hope you try to get in because I love it so far I'm so glad I made the choice to go to ITT Tech but im only in my 4th week ask me after my first quarter
  9. by   shan409
    I was going to ask did they accept any pre-reqs. Sounds good. I just called and placed my name on the list...waiting for a call back. I was going to attended Oakland univ -riverview institute lpn program for approx $9500, but would still have to cont. for my I'm praying this the best move for me.
  10. by   StudentAPRNinFL
    It has been said for years, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is!" These so called colleges prey on those who may have had difficulty being accepted at a state college or University. Think before you spend your money!!! Ask yourself,"Why does Virginia College, ITT, Sanford Brown, etc, charge 50K while my local community college charges <10K for the same degree?? That should be your FIRST clue!! If you didn't get into your local community college program due to poor GPA or lack of prerequisites, then STRIVE FORWARD!!! Take the classes over and/or more electives to raise your GPA!! You might have to put a few bucks out of your wallet but in the long run, you will be far better off especially if you choose to make a career change later in life and you will not still be paying off student loans from 20 years ago!. Your general education from your state college and/or University system will transfer ANYWHERE!! Do your general ed there, and if necessary, go to these private "colleges" for your core degree courses only!!
    Lastly, remember what it takes to obtain national certifications! Nursing, for example, has only two national accreditation agencies in the US. Most hospitals, and higher learning institutions will only honor your education if you obtained your degree from a program carrying the NLNAC or AACN certification. When investigating this school several years ago for someone I worked with, ITT had been denied accreditation THREE times!! To date, they don't appear on the NLNAC's roster as a candidate, provisional, or full accreditation lists. Although your individual state can give approval to any nursing school allowing you to sit for initial state license, don't expect to continue on with your education past an associates nor get hired at a magnet or teaching hospital!!
    Best of luck to all of you!!
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  11. by   RN_Indya
    Well for me my GPA was a 3.77 at OCC and I still didn't get accepted bcuz they were retaking classes so what's the difference? I repay and end up paying more money to go to a community college? No I did what was best for me. My mother is an RN and she was the first graduating class from HFCC accelerated program and they were not accredited bcuz they had no graduating class yet. You only get accreditation by having a certain percentage pass rate for the NCLEX. My mother a RN has been a working RN and she was able to sit for her NCLEX with no problems. I also know that just like her many students that graduated from ITT Tech are already working in hospitals. So really it's all about what you want to do.
  12. by   FutureRN88
    Any updates from the students who are currently in the program or graduated? I am hoping to be in the September 16th class and wanted some insight
  13. by   scc1975
    Hi @ FutureRN88, my name is Storm and I currently attend ITT nursing program in Canton, I am entering my final year. Adult Med Surg 2 is our next rotation in a week. just to let you know, I love the program, it is not easy like any program. Do I regret my decision for coming to ITT..NO I DO NOT. I had nay sayers and some of my co workers say I was crazy to pay that amount, I am not going to ITT to plz anyone but my self, ppl are going to say what the heck they want, the bottom line is what you want..All these nay sayers is not going to pay your bills or loans back right! If they are going to pay it back for you, then hey listen to them, other wise tell them to go kick rocks. I hate I had to give up my fulltime job, but to succeed I had to do what I had to do. I have a wonderful support system. Now I would tell ppl to make ITT their last choice due to the amount of money, but if you are tired of waiting and retaking classes then do you..So needless to say they still waiting and I am heading in my 2nd Adult Med Surg...ITT clinical sites are as follows: St John Providence Hospital (Southfield), Kindred Hospital (Old Holy Cross on Detroit East side), Doctors Hospital (Pontiac) McLaren Hospital (Old Mt. Clemens General) Graden City, Oakwood, Children's, St. Mary's, Hutzel Hospital, Nsg. Homes, Long Term facilities, and others...Nurses has been hired at William Beaumont in Royal Oak, Providence (Southfield), Kindred Hospital, Doctors Hospital, McLaren, Oakwood, and Botsford...Is it beneficial to already have your foot in the door at an hospital...of course..If this is what you want no one can stand in you way.