Anyone attending OCCC at the Highland Lakes Campus

  1. Will anyone begin classes at OCCC at the Highland lakes campus for the winter semester? If so can anyone tell me about their nursing program. Also, I just moved to Wixom, MI from Detroit, and I'm looking for a job as a Certified Nurse Assistant, can anyone tell me of any jobs available in a nursing home in this area?
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  3. by   Beachgirl1212
    I have just applied for the Nursing Class that will start in Aug 2008. Are you applying ? I set up a myspace group page for nursing students at OCCC. If you would like to know about it just write.
  4. by   RoadKill
    i go to occc - can i et your link to my space?

  5. by   Beachgirl1212
    Just email me by way of All Nurse
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    Hi, I'm starting pre-req's and am only taking a math class this semester. Have you been a cna before?
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    Quote from RoadKill
    i go to occc - can i et your link to my space?


    Hi Roadkill. I hope you still want to join the OCC Future and Current Nursing Student Group.I haven't heard from you. : ) There are some other guys in the group. You might like to talk with them about some of the questions you mentioned in your other post. Take Care. I have instructions posted above as to how to get a hold of me on a Myspace search.
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    I just wanted to say hi to all current and future OCC nursing students. I am currently in the OCC Nursing program and thought it was cool to see at least a couple of other OCC students here at

    Hello to all!!!! If there is a separate forum or group to be a part of I would love to join. Anyone know of any???
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    Quote from BandAidMaid
    Try to get to me this way. Use my email address that is attatched to my MYSPACE page and do a search. Then request me as a friend. After I get your friend request I will be able to send you a Group Invite. I could send you a Group Invite with out having to add you as a friend if you have your Options set that way, but Ihave found most people do not have it set up that way in their options. E mail me thry Allnurse link

    Thanks for wanting to join. Hope to see you there soon.

    For those of you who wonder what this is all about.I have set up a Group Page called OCC Current and Future Nursing Students on MySpace. It is a Private group so you need to be invited to join. I had to do it that way to keep all the "nurse stalkers" out !! : ) I hope you check it out.

    This is a MySpace Group. You are more than welcome to join.
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