Anyone attending GRCC for the RN program?

  1. I wanted to see if there is anyone else on her going to Grand Rapids Community College for the ADN program? I just finished my last requirement and I an on the WAITING LISTS. I never thought I would ever make it this far!!
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  3. by   sugar_britches
    Im down in South Florida, but I have family in Grand Rapids. I have heard there is a waiting list - how does that work? Here you have to test in with your GPA and points combined with the HESI scores, its a pretty competitive lottery style process. I have often wondered if we were to relocate what it would be like up there?
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to MI Nursing Programs Discussion forum. Hopefully more MI folks will provide some helpful information.
  5. by   mschris
    I'm a student at GRCC for the ADN program. I'm due to start my clinicals in Jan 2012 after being on the waiting about 18 months.
  6. by   sugar_britches
    So what does it take to get on the waiting list? Is it completitive for placement on the list or a first come deal?
  7. by   shuckjc
    I'm on the wait list for the Lpn program at GRCC I want to go on to the Rn but the counslers suggested I do the lpn first so could be working while on the wait list for the Rn program which is what I'm doing. I was also told it might be a smart idea to take the prereqs for the Rn program. that would replace the ones required for Lpn then I wouldnt have to do them down the road saming me time and the way my "ready"date was may of 2011 and I was told I might not start the program till fall of 2013 that is very depressing to me. but to read your comment Mschris you say you waited 18months? is that total time from your ready date? if that's true than the wait list doesnt end up being near as long as they say it could be. I have a friend who didnt even wait a year before she was called to start. So I'm hopeful this is true for me. At 38 years old time is precious to me to get going on a new career. would love to hear more posts on current students in the program on how long they waited and what it's like to be in the program for Grand rapids community college.
  8. by   vanotter
    I achieved my ready date in summer of 2009 for the ADN program. I am still waiting. I have finished all my pre-reqs, I only have the nursing courses to take once i start. The wait list is 3-4 years, but I just spoke to the department at GRCC and was told that it is likely I will not start until Fall 2013. This has been an agonizing wait, that being said, GRCC NCLEX pass rate is close to if not 100% and they are the only accredited nursing program in the area. The other closest is Lansing community college.
    Quote from DanniStudentNurse
    I wanted to see if there is anyone else on her going to Grand Rapids Community College for the ADN program? I just finished my last requirement and I an on the WAITING LISTS. I never thought I would ever make it this far!!
  9. by   vanotter
    mschris, how in the world were you only on the wait list for 18 months????
  10. by   jcurtis7287
    Vanotter, I got on the wait list in October of 2010, so I'm about a year behind you. I only have one pre-req left to take and I'll be doing that this fall. I'd love to hear when you actually get called up and start clinicals if you don't mind updating us. Good luck!! Here's hoping that it happens sooner than expected
  11. by   mschris
    IDK. I guess b/c I had so many classes outside of the required ones for the associate degree that it played a part. I was finishing up a general degree around that same time I was placed on the ready list and it just worked out that way.
  12. by   vanotter
    mschris, that still doesn't make sense! Your ready date was AFTER mine? and you started already in Jan '12??? sooo unfair!! (kudos to you, but im jealous!) Anyway, I already have a BS degree in Family Services from MSU, I earned my "ready date" from GRCC in summer '09, and GUESS WHAT??? I got the call and letter...I start clinical THIS FALL 2012!!! SOOO excited, total wait time once on ready list: 3 years....but i'm finally starting. will be done 18 months after i start FINALLY!!!!
  13. by   star.crush
    Me and a couple of girls got in the program after waiting 6 years. My friend Sarah been waiting here at Grcc for 7 years and finally got a call. Some of the students are leaving because they get frustrated with waiting. Some of the students never get a call, even though they promise to call you and send a letter through mail. I am so glad I am done with all that. I went to Ferris to finished up. If you can go to another school. Grcc waiting list is ridiculous and they are so unorganized. They are known for losing and misfiling the nursing students' information all the time. I know this for a fact. So, please get a copy of everything you do and the stuff you give the secretary in the office.
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