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Hi, I am just curious. I stop by the Michigan section here all the time and I never ever see anything about or anyone from Schoolcraft college. I know people go there because of the huge... Read More

  1. by   july123
    let me ask you, what vaccines or titers need to be done? all i saw on the LPN app was hep b vac
  2. by   shootfighternurse83
    Varicella, Dtap, MMR, Hep B, TB Proof of vaccination or titer is required. I believe that was it.
  3. by   biz36
    Hi. I went to Schoolcraft...and it is a great nursing program. I graduated in May 2007. No matter where I interview or work, I always here similar comments about how great Schoocraft nurses are and how prepared and motivated we are upon graduation. We are known to have great clinical skills and for being very detailed and attentive. Yes, the program is hard...and it only gives you a foundation to build upon. It is totally different in "the real world", but Schoolcraft does prepare you well. I'd like to share a few pointers. Do the reading and study, study, study! You only cheat yourself if you don't. Respect the instructors, they aren't there to be your friends, they are there to help make you great nurses. But, the faculty are great if you need someone to talk to and there are many resources available if you simply talk to someone. Everyone wants you to be successful, you are not alone. I recommend Ms. Palmer (1st Year), Debi Venditelli (Med/Surg) and Ms. Griffin (OB) for clinicals. Definitely try to get a contingent job as a nurse tech or nurse associate in any hospital. It helps with clinicals a lot! Sorry for rambling on. I'm just happy to provide any tips that will help. Good Luck and believe in yourself!
  4. by   july123
    yep, i have heard all very good things from nurses who graduated from schoolcraft
  5. by   Ms.RN
    [quote=biz36;3084696]hi. i went to schoolcraft...and it is a great nursing program. i graduated in may 2007. no matter where i interview or work, i always here similar comments about how great schoocraft nurses are and how prepared and motivated we are upon graduation.

    hey there!!!

    i graduated in may of 2007 too!! how cool is that. maybe we were in the same class together. i loved nursing program at schoolcraft college. instructors are great and especially the clinical instructors are there to help students to learn, not to pick on them. i loved the lab day a before we start our clinicals where we learn all the skills that we need when we are actually working with patients during our clinical days. i also love the critical thinking lab day on our last day of clinicals.
    the only thing i hate about this program is the red cross community service. dont you hate it when she makes us to come to the meeting a day before our test day? i loved it when all the second year students signed petition not to write a 5 page paper!!!
  6. by   adpeeka
    Hey there! Congradulations on graduating! Do you know anything about Ms. Austin??? That is who I have for my first year teacher! Did you have a life what so ever out side of studying??? Did you work while in the program???
  7. by   CRNA, DNSc
    Quote from july123
    yep, i have heard all very good things from nurses who graduated from schoolcraft
    Just a note from a Schoolcraft grad from 1983- Program was a great foundation for RN and beyond for me, BSN, MS in Anesthesia, and PhD in nursing- the limits are only those you place on yourself! Best wishes and good luck!:wink2: