1 year(no pre reqs)programs close to detroit

  1. Hi out there,just wanted to no if anyone knows of a 1 year lpn program,other than in ohio with no pre-reqs,closer to detroit. Thanks
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  3. by   ednavaleria
    Hi! Sorry I don't know about any 1 yr programs near Detroit. Could you please post the name of the 1 yr program with no prereqs in Ohio? I didn't know about that one.

    Thanks a lot! Good Luck!:spin:
  4. by   rehab nurse
    st clair county community college is about 40 minutes from detroit (detroit it huge!!! and i don't know where exactly you're coming from). i went there and had a friend who drove from warren to go there.

    there are no "prereqs", you are able to take the a&p and psych in your first semester (that's what i did). had no trouble. there program runs from january to december. it's tough, but doable.

    it's a straight shot up 94 to get to st. clair. i wish you luck. i believe oakland community college and schoolcraft also have LPN, as does wayne county community, but i don't know if they require prereqs

    good luck in whatever you choose. st. clair has an excellent reputation around here!
  5. by   simslpn
    theres a couple,toledo school of practicaol nursing,and brown mackie college.hope i helped
  6. by   rntoben2008
    Wayne County Community College does "not" have an LPN program, just the Associate degree RN program and it does require pre req's. There are a few LPN schools in the Toledo area that seem to be nice. I don't think there is a wait list either, but I could be wrong on that one. I called a few them before I got in to WCCCD's nursing program. Good luck.
  7. by   breakdancin11
    Ill stick it out in college but I am just wondering do the 1 year LPN programs that these establishments are offering allow you to move up to RN since there are no pre reqs?


    OCC Nursing Student
  8. by   sandey37
    Hi, i went through a one year program through latoya health ed and training center in saginaw, thats roughly 2 hours from detroit. Its a brand new program , its one year and it costs 10,000 dollars for the whole duration.
    It was an intensive program and personaly i had a good experience but im not sure i would do it again if i was to do it all over.
    Im going to start my Rn in spring since i had a lot of college credit i was going through saginaw valley and it was takint too d,,,, long
    PM me if you need more info
  9. by   SGN_08
    Sandey- you should check around there are some schools that have lpn to RN programs. I know Monroe community college has it...maybe something around you might as well. Good luck!
  10. by   7-7-2004
    Monroe County Community College just started an LPN program.
  11. by   adn44
    Sandey37, Your experience with Latoya health ed was ok? I have prereqs for ADN but did not get in. I am looking to do my LPN then pursuing RN due to current time constraints
    Any info would be helpful.