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Hi. I am waiting to receive my contract in the mail. I am do lost being new to this program. I was working for a home care company for the last 3 months but was forced to stop working during to intake process. I gave no income currently because of it and I was the only income for my family. I have not been "fired", instead I was placed on a personal leave. I have no vacation or sick time due to bring a new employee.

I have attempted to contact my case manager at to inquire about the stipulations of what and where I can work once cleared, but of course she is on vacation.... I realize that most likely I will have to find a new job. My question is, has anyone had any luck receiving unemployment, diability, or even state assistance to support yourself/ help pay for the astronomical cost of this program??

Any information, any incite or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!:nailbiting:


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As far as I am aware, in most states one cannot get unemployment for things like this. You would need to inquire about that, state assistance, or disability qualifications in Michigan (you can possibly get a lot of this answered on their website). If you have a family, there may be something there but you'd have to find out what that might be in terms of your specific situation.

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As I started down this hideous road, I applied for food stamps and got them (even as a single woman, no kids). That helped in the short run. As my issue was mental health, I also filed for SSDI. That however took 2 denials, a lawyer, a hearing and nearly 2 years, by which time I was back to work and through the worst of it. The lump sum helped A LOT, but that does not help immediately. I would however start the process, because it is out there and you don't know how long it will take to get your normal life back.

What i can say is that you will be a huge help to yourself if you research very carefully the particulars on where you are being sent for evaluations and possibly/probably "treatment." It is very easy to get roped into some kind of program that you may not need or may not be appropriate to the tune of a lot of money. There is a lot of good information on this site and I highly recommend it. Many, many folks here have been through this and appropriate or not, helpful or not, came out (or are slowly coming out) the other end okay. You will too.


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In a nutshell, you are still dealing with an intake manager at this time. You case will eventually go to team on a Thursday where they will figure what kind of contract you will get. You have to have that singed and notarized and return in a couple of days.

You will get a least a two year contract. There is nothing less in Michigan with HPRP. You will be assigned a case manager. You can file a 1st step appeal, then a 2nd step. Most if not all appeals are fruitless but not knowing the particulars it is not possible to know.

Here is what you can expect in the beginning:

* You will not be able to work in home health care

* Depending on what you did, you will not be able to pass narcs for a period of 6 months once you become employed again

* You will not be able to work overtime

* You will not be able to work between the hours of 0000 and 0700

* You will not be able to work more than 2 consecutive 12 hours shifts

* You will be required to find a worksite monitor at whatever job you end up at

* Your worksite monitor will have to create an online account with HPRP and fill out quarterly reports on you

* You will have to find a sponsor

* Your sponsor will have to write a brief quarterly report on your progress in AA/NA

* You will have to call/log into the FirstLab number/site every day, M-F including holidays between the hours of 0400 - 1500

* If chosen, you will have to take the COC form you have mailed to your house with you and pay for the collection fees on the spot

* Site collection fees range for $5 to $30+ depending on where you go, Concentra is on the upper end of the cost scale

* In addition at the end of the month, you will get a bill from FirstLab where each test is charged a cost of $47.50 now

* You will have to find an addictionist and pay to see them quarterly

* You will have to attend at least 3 AA/NA meetings a week and have that documented

* You will have to mail that meeting list to your case manager by the 10th of the follow month, every month.

* Between the 1st and the 10th of every month, you will have to log into the HPRP website and submit a monthly self report

* Every week you will have to attend group therapy at an Eastwood Clinic type program with other health care providers

* One a month you will have to attend a caduceus meeting

* When you see a doctor/dentist you are supposed to bring with you a form letting them know you are a drug addict

* If working, for the first 8-12 months you will be selected 3-4 times a month to pee. If not working 1-2

* If you want to leave the State, you will have to request permission in writing

* If you go up north for the week, you are still expected to find meetings and collection sites for your random drops M-F

Depending on the reasons you were let go, you may get unemployment. Some do, some don't. Doubtful you would get SSI disability, but food stamps and welfare are not out of the question. You should be applying for them in the meantime, as well as Medicaid to help you defer the costs of the program. NO insurance, private or otherwise will pay for the drug screens, those are 100% out of pocket. The addictionist and group meeting can and do fall under some participant's co-pays.

Good luck.


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Dtanna you sound like u know a lot about the program. Do u know anyone whom has been able to find a job whIle in the program? My employer doesn't seem to want me back with my stipulations. If going on an iterview when should I inform them of my status in this program, after they offer me a position? I'm just lost......