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Does anyone know of a website that I can go to for information on Mic-key buttons and G-tubes. I particularly need pictures and information for parents. Thanks.


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Mic-Keys are made by Ballard, there is a pic at the website: http://www.bmed.com/

I've worked extensively with them, will take me a bit but I will dig up what info I have on them (and some anecdotal stuff for care at home).


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Thanks. I look forward to the info.

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Well, I don't have a lot of time, but this might help (for a parent handout? Or use this info to make your own? No pics, though.) This first link is the handout made by McKesson (they sell very nice packages of information for patients/parents on a wide variety of topics; check out their home page- I think it's http://www.patienteducation.com - for more info):


This place has videos; they're pricy, but you might be able to get it covered by the unit or hospital patient education committee to use when training parents:


Another site with a printable reference page:


And another site:


Hope those help a little! :)

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