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I am a new grad, trying to get my MI license by endorsement from OH. It is taking FOREVER!!! I've been hearing 9+ weeks from other nurses. Has anyone else dealt with this or have any suggestions for me? I've been calling to ask about the status of my application but I wait on hold for 30+ min, then am told they haven't looked at it yet and it's been 5 weeks since they received it. This is so ridiculous...you'd think with unemployment what it is they would want to help people get jobs in this state!

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hello jan 18! i am having the same problem in michigan. i am renewing my michigan rn license and obtained my rn license in 1999. this year; i was really broke and didn't have the money to renew my license on time and and it lapsed....i sent in the late fee july 27, 2010 and i still do not have my renewal. i have called several times, emailed and sent letters. i can't get a job without it and i am currently a student bsn ready to start clinicals and i need that license! i even called my state representative and he called them! i am really stressed about this!:eek:

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That is so awful! What do they say when you call?? They've just been telling me it takes 6 weeks before they'll even look at my application.

I guess they layed off like 11 of the 13 people in the office so it takes forever. They told us at the begining of the semester to apply asap as it takes about 10 weeks for them to review a new license application.

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Hmm well that sounds like Michigan I guess. I can understand new licenses, but mine is by endorsement so I would think it would be an easy process.

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Mine is a renewal. I am so frustrated! I have called several times and I wait on hold 30 minutes to be hung up on, one time I lost my signal and twice I was told that to call after 8 weeks had passed.:cry: I am really frustrated.

I can read! I know you guys are dealing with renewals and endorsments but the point still remains. They are understaffed and everything takes forever.

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Totally. When I called today I actually got someone right away, & I asked him how many they were processing per day and he couldn't tell me. I'd be interested to know. I'm ready to ask if I can volunteer there to help them out!

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I just got mine yesterday after submitting all of my materials on August 27th- what really made me angry was their provisional licensing scam- I paid 10 extra dollars for an "immediate" license- after not seeing my name on the registry, I called them and they said it takes the same time as getting A FULL LICENSE. State sponsored scam yo...I could have used that money for groceries... Oregon is in dire straits and my license showed up within DAYS after I passed my NCLEX in August...

I won't even go into my rant, but it took 10 weeks for my application to be processed for a new license.

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Thanks so much for sharing everyone! I am so stressed about this. :eek: My money order was cashed on July 28 and I still do not have my license. I am looking at 11 weeks so far. Finally I talked to someone who said, "well we are having problem with your name change." My name changed occured 9 years ago and I have renewed my license several times since then and never had a problem. The most annoying thing about all this is in all the times I called, emailed and sent letters no one bothered to tell me they need a marraige license from a marriage that occured over 9 years ago! It took them 12 weeks to communicate that to me! :devil:Uggg! I have to start clinical and how will I do that without this stuff? Uggg.:confused: I do not know what to do.:eek:


I applied for my MI Nursing License mid September and am still waiting for it. I'm very frustrated. Several co-workers have told me that there is only one person who processes all licenses (Nursing, Paramedic, etc.) in Lansing.

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