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MHA degree....

So, just wondering, exactly how much actual NURSING knowledge do people get when they go for their Masters in Health Administration degree??

BlueDevil,DNP, DNP, RN

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AFAIK, zero. Our practice manager has a MHA and a MBA. She doesn't claim or appear to have any science back ground at all. She could not do the nurses job and the nurse could not do hers, but the nurse would be a lot easier to replace. If we had to go without someone for a week, I'd rather go without the practice manager. It's usually a zoo when the nurse is gone. If we had to give up someone permanently, it would have to be the nurse. We could learn to do without the nurse if we had to. It would be a PITA, but we could all do the nurses job. We don't want to, but we could. No one else in the building could do the practice manager's job. None of us is qualified or would have the first farking clue.

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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If the OP is wondering if there is any career benefit to obtaining an MHA. . . not if the goal is nursing leadership. Totally different kettle of fish. Pretty much the only road to nursing leadership for most organizations is via MSN.

llg, PhD, RN

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MHA is not a nursing program. It is not based on nursing knowledge. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but you are not going to learn much about nursing in such a program. You will learn about Healthcare Administration.

It's just like getting a Master's in Sociology or Physiology. You may learn things that relate to nursing and may help you in your nursing career, but you do not learn nursing in those programs.


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Thanks for the replies. I myself am not interested in an getting my MHA. I am a nurse and my dept is run by someone with their MHA and has no respect for us as nurses. she has had no formal nursing training but likes to act like she is a nurse. she likes to hold the "power" of her position over us and likes to make us feel incompetent when she has NO clue what she talking about. Makes for a very rough work environment. I think we are reminded on a daily basis that she has a masters and bachelors degree, makes me sick to my stomach!!!


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