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did i mess up?


okay so here's the deal, my counselors suck and I need advice. there are so many different degrees out there i dont know what to do. I hear the prefixes, ASN,ADN,BSN, etc. and i'm confused. i know that BSN is your bachelors in nursing but the degree i'm currently taking is an Associates in Arts degree at Broward College. what i want to know is, can I be a Registered Nurse with this degree? my major does not state Pre-Nursing, it just says nursing. right now it's only pre-reqs i'm taking and then transfer to a school for my BSN. Am i studying for an ADN or ASN? i don't want to be headed down the wrong path to where i have to take a AS degree which is an associates in applied science along with my AA degree. so if any one can clarify this for me, that would be great.

while uncommon, i believe there is such a thing....go ask your counselors if the program of study you are pursuing will allow you to sit for the NCLEX...if yes, you are on the right path, all set.....if not explain to them that is what you are after, and what adjustments need to be made

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look. if your major says nursing, and you are pursuing an AA, then you are taking the pre-reqs for nursing for a BSN so you can apply to a bsn program at a university after you get that diploma that says Associate in arts on it. and you will have an AA, transfer to a university, then apply to the university's BSN program, and get your BSN in nursing

but if you then apply to the nursing program at BC, then when you are done with that program you will get an Associate in science. that is an ADN or ASN in nursing.

after you get that associate in science then you will have to go to an RN-bsn program after you finish the nursing degree at BC. then you will have a BSN in nursing.

so if you are currently right now doing pre-reqs for nursing, you are pursuing an AA in nursing, so you can then go to a university to pursue a BSN

when you go to nursing school at a community college you are getting an ASN or ADN

get it?

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You have to have completed an Associates or bachelors in NURSING which is a science degree not an arts degree--to sit for the NCLEX--the test you take to get the RN license. An Associates in Arts is not a science degree--likes just the pre-reques. for the BSN. If you want to do only an associates then take the NCLEX it has to be ASN-science not arts. Maybe it's an issue of space at the school. A lot of people want to do the ASN to get in and out faster so they are harder to get r/t the number of people applying.

To obtain an AA all students must complete certain core/required courses. Additionally, there are a certain number of hours that must be completed with various other classes. The courses you should take to complete the additional hours should coorispond to the prerequesit classes of the major you are are ultimately wanting to enroll in. In other words, someone who wants to major in business would still have an AA at the end of 2 years but some of the courses that he/she took would differ from someone who is planning to major in nursing. If you currently are enrolled in an AA track and it says "nursing" that means that you are probably on the right track.

Hang in there and good luck.:)

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