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Hi NPs,

I am taking a class this semester that requires that I make contact with an NP to act as a mentor during this class. The purpose of the mentor will be to help with information that might assist with role transition from an RN to an NP. So what does this entail? We need to communicate at least twice during this class for the aforementioned purpose. We don't need to get any personal information from each other. We could even only communicate through this site if preferred. FYI I am currently in an FNP program. I'm currently leaning towards emergency or cardiology specialties upon graduation.

If anyone is willing to take on this role, then please respond here or send me a PM. You assistance will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Have you attempted to find a NP in your area? This is a GREAT foundation for finding potential resources not only for clinicals, but once you are in practice to call on for help.


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The assignment is meant for you to network locally. Contact your local advanced practitioner chapter.

Good luck to you!

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OP, I hope you wont take these responses as people not helping because they are unfriendly. The fact is, you would be doing yourself a disservice by using a mentor on here rather than in "real life". Like the other responses said, this is a great opportunity to network in your local area - an important skill one you become an FNP. Good luck with your studies!

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Thanks for your responses. I will look for someone local