Mentioned I'm working FT in interview for prn position


Hello all,

I recently had an interview for a prn position and the interviewer was asking me what kind of position I am currently in. She asked me if I was part time and I said I was full time...Do you think this hurt my chances? I told her I have the 4 on 5 off schedule so I am willing to pick up shifts on my 5 days off. I just don't know if alot of full timers apply to prn jobs...

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Plenty of full-time workers do something PRN on the side. I think it's best to be up-front with a potential PRN job about your availability and needs. As to whether it will hurt your chances, it really depends on what the employer is looking for. But if they want someone who can drop everything and pick up shifts anytime, it probably isn't the place for you anyhow.


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How do you plan on doing any orientation time? That may also have been a concern of the interviewer.

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It never hurt mine. But then again, it also depends on what the needs of the PRN facility are and whether you meet (or if they think you can meet) them.

Best of luck!