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Im about to start nursing school and was looking for suggestions on what shoes to get. They have to be white and leather or leather-like (no mesh or canvas) and cannot be clogs. I'm having a hard time finding any that don't look like shoes my grandmother wears to go grocery shopping. Also looking for watch suggestions as well. | DAWGS Men's Men's Working Tracker Pro Slip Resistant Work Shoe, White/Black, 13 M US | Shoes

Something like this might work. Look at the suggested products for more selection.

I have white new balances. Comfortable and supportive

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As a grandmother who grocery shops- I'm offended! :cheeky:

*Wears her Brooks in neon green to the grocery store.

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Geez, I guess I'm lucky to be able to choose the type of shoes. I just went with running shoes like New Balance

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If your school wants you to wear all white, I definitely recommend K-Swiss. Just be aware on some of their white shoes that their logo is a light grey and may get you in trouble if your school is anal. If you're able to wear any shoes, can never go wrong with Nike!

Asics Gel Lyte V. You're welcome.

Armitron Watches on Amazon for digital. If you need analog there are plenty of good deals on Amazon.

Shoes: Rock ports or New balance white sneakers. Forget style, remember comfort and durability.

I wear a pair of all white New Balances with a built-in gel insert. I made sure to get wide shoes even though none of my other shoes are wide and have found that it keeps my feet feeling good even after standing for 12 hours. It's important to give your feet room to expand if you're going to stand for that long.

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