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I would like to know are there many men entering midwifery now or is it still mainly women involved. I'm not trying to start a men/women debate just asking cause i'm interested about different statistics in nursing.


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there is a male midwife here in central pa. there were a couple when i lived in baltimore too. nothing wrong w/ that. some men are very compassionate and supportive during birth.


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There's one on the board named Jared. You could probably pm him if you look up his profile.


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I don't know any stats on it... but there is definately a need for men in that field. Some women want another woman to be in that position, some don't care about the gender of the midwife, but some are like me and for some unknown reason I'm just more comfortable with a guy as my ob/gyn (I actually see a doc, but would have wanted a male midwife if one had been available).

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