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I have to know what it's like working as a male nurse? I'm not trying to sound sexist, but I want to know what it's like for a guy to work in an environment dominated by women? What I'm trying to... Read More

  1. by   Reno1978
    Seems also that most men tend to gravitate towards the ED or ICU. Although I do work with many women, there are nights that the men are the majority.

    As far as cattyness, it's at a minimum.
  2. by   gryphonler
    I would like to add my 1cents worth, as most things have been shared by the others. lol.

    Honestly speaking, working anywhere or everywhere will almost be in a similar situation. If a boss that is looking after that department is a good boss, the people around that person will have a good environment to work in. If you have a crappy boss(as in the manager of the department), then you know what's like to have crappy colleagues around. It's a universal thing. I've been to many different companies to work, and I've seen it all.

    So that goes to my main point. It all really depends yourself too. Only you have the answers. If you give out all the good vibes, people around you can change too. I've seen that so many times. My basic rule is "Do unto others what you want others to do to you."

    Hope this gives you some insight mate. Remember, you don't have to answer to everyone else but yourself. ;P

  3. by   Cammer
    Quote from Reno1978
    Seems also that most men tend to gravitate towards the ED or ICU. Although I do work with many women, there are nights that the men are the majority.

    As far as cattyness, it's at a minimum.
    It doesn't happen often, but there have been some shifts that I have worked where the only female in the department was the manager.

    And the cattyness? It is normally confined to just a few specific individuals who do it just because it makes them feel better, I guess. Once you have them figured out it's not hard to avoid the situations.
  4. by   Propranolol
    i can say i've had a good experience on my unit. then again i'm the only guy and the youngest. but it does surprise me the way the women treat each other. i've noticed this type of behavior where a nurse will be really nice and the moment the person walks away she is calling her the C word to someone else. i just stood there and had a *** moment. a lot of the women on my unit are frienemies. nice to each other then talk crap on others. i noticed this behavior also when i float to other units. i just keep my mouth shut. i'm not naive, i know they probably talk about me. but as long as it doesn't affect my career or my patient care, i don't care.

    some of my patients like that they have a guy. sometimes i will get report that a patient is being disrespectful or acting weird. the moment i walk into the room, it seems they switch. i don't tolerate it and they see it on my face. overall, i work with great people. theres always that one person though. its everywhere. its funny. cause if i float to another unit and theres another guy working also, its almost instant understanding of everything and what we go through. good luck with everything!
  5. by   Old_Duffer
    I find it much easier.
  6. by   Midwest87
    I'm a male CNA. I work with many young female CNA's that are slightly immature.

    I'm not assisted with things I need assistance with, I often get stuck doing the heavy lifting, I deal more so with estrogen fits than I do with the residents, I've been told (by a DON) that I am less likely to be able to provide care because I am a Male, I am the excuse for why something didn't get done. I don't gossip, so am on the other end of the gossiping. I get paid less and work more. (My incentive disappears when I do mandatory OT) Residents families won't like you as much as they would if you were female. I haven't had a day off in two and a half weeks because other aides are allowed to call in if they have problems with their children. I got injured (sprained my neck) and was then embarrassed about it for several days.

    I pretty much hate my life.
  7. by   RNTwin
    Quote from Gottago
    So, I repeat; what's it like working as a male nurse?
    to much estrogen in the units. but seriously been doin this for over 8 yrs and guys GET more respect than females, but usually b/c female RNs(that i work with) say retarded things to MDs, given them more ammunition to disrespect them.
  8. by   heelhook80
    I am a CNA on a cardiac floor and starting a RN program this year. I have been treated with respect by patients and co-workers alike, I learn everyday from other RN's and I am emotionally touched by patients each day as well. Some RN's are drama and I avoid them. Of course, I think I will prefer being an RN over a CNA and feeling like lowest man on the totem pole but I believe its worth it. It is a lot of stress (particularly starting out) but also a lot of fun, overall I'm honored to have my job and enjoying it.
  9. by   jomyanto
    For male nurses I think the better options would be Emergency or OT. On floors it looks odd for guys. But I love working as an occupational health nurse.. nd I realy dislike working with female nurses bz most of them expect us to act like female.
  10. by   premedwoahs
    Do they start new grads out in the ER? Maybe someone can list the places where new grads have the opportunity to go...other than med/surg...
  11. by   belgarion
    I work on a med-surg floor and I really don't have any problems with my female colleagues except for them occasionally expecting me to serve as a human forklift.

    Yes, the drama level can get really high but as long as they don't try to drag me into it for the "male perspective" I can usually ignore it.
  12. by   JustinTRN
    I've worked in nursing only 6 years and fell that working with women is the hardest aspect of the career. The whole day depends on their mood or if something happened before work. There have been studies that have proven how men and women act different in nursing. Women are much more emotional which can be good yet hinder what they are capable to do. Men are task oriented and appear less capable of providing emotion. If you ever encounter family members the emotionally aspect of patient care is meaningless to most of them. They want to know why mama's lips are dry or something simplistic like that.

    I feel women are too emotionally in terms of caring everything on their shoulders and bickering and gossiping too much. They fight like high schools girls sometimes. The older they get the worse it seems they get. I've never seen to this day a male nurse eat his young or bully another nurse beyond a joking manner. Women are commonly seen doing this. Not that men don't do this but I've just never seen it. I just want to go to work and do a good job. Be happy that I gave good patient care and get my paycheck.
  13. by   JustinTRN
    I know most larger hospital especially will hire you wherever you want to work. I was an ICU nurse from graduation and would have done nothing different. If you want to do ED, ICU, or some area of interest then do it. I never have believe that a nurse should work med-surg before ICU. I think this actually hinders the ability to grasp the concepts needed for other areas of interest. I never liked orienting non-critical care nurses to the ICU. They don’t develop the time management or critical thinking skills that a ICU needs. It takes them extra long to learn what is important. New nurses are fresh meat and get pick these up more quickly. Go to a preferably a teaching facility that will put you through a good training program.