1. Are there any male nurses out there with some ink on there arms where pts can see? Do you think this has a negative effect on how they view you as a nurse?
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  3. by   styRN
    It's not mine, though

    I do have ink but none of them are visible - well, only to my wife, that is...

    BTW, there's a thread about tats on the general nursing polls forum
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  4. by   kamon8404
    Looks like lower arm to me.
  5. by   styRN
    At first sight I thought it was on a calf
  6. by   Myxel67
    Quote from styRN
    At first sight I thought it was on a calf
    Still looks like a scrawny upper arm to me! We may never know, unless the owner sees it & sets us straight!
  7. by   kamon8404
    I am in agreement with the scrawney upper arm idea. So anyone else?
  8. by   EricJRN
    Sorry, guys! We had to take down the photo of that tattoo. I know it's just ink, but the depiction wasn't in line with our Terms of Service.

    I'm hoping that this thread will carry on with discussion of the original question. Appropriate photos are welcomed.
  9. by   KellNY
    Not a male nurse myself (sorry to intrude!) but we do have a male nurse in our ED who's covered in tattoos-from the neck to the wrists (full sleeves) and he's one of my favorites there. I've seen him with his arms covered and not, and they tend to be covered when he's in triage (near the entrance) or in the summer when the AC is cranked, so I'm thinking it's more for comfort than for policy/dress code. He just won employee of the month not too long ago.

    ETA-I think it's relevant that none of his tats are inherently offensive-no swastikas, no bleeding skulls, naked chicks, white power symbols, etc. Neck is mostly tribal and arms have tribal and others.
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  10. by   kamon8404
    I see, well I wasn't planning of getting anything offensive. Just a caduceus on the back of my left arm.
  11. by   HotmaleSPN
    I am a male nurse, and I have a full sleeve of flames on my left arm. I always wear a long sleeve labcoat because I am tired of people asking me where I got my ink done and if it hurt and so forth. But every one that has seen it loved it.
  12. by   kamon8404
  13. by   JaxiaKiley
    Most people I know with tats on their lower arms just wear long sleeves so they don't have to deal with the questions while they are working. It's good to see these days that companies don't mind as much.

    I'm sure there are places that wouldn't like them, but is that really the type of place you'd want to work anyway?
  14. by   kamon8404
    Well if the benefits out weigh the bad then, yes I would suck it up and wear a long sleeve shirt.