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  1. by   RN Buzz
    Here........... dirnking real beer and watching real football
  2. by   DapperRN
    Somebody mention beer!?
  3. by   TheRickster
  4. by   nursemike
    i like beer.
  5. by   shaider
    shaider here.New York
  6. by   jsdailey
    I start nursing school MONDAY!!! So I guess I am a student now, lol.
  7. by   nursemike
    Quote from jsdailey
    I start nursing school MONDAY!!! So I guess I am a student now, lol.
    I don't mean to discourage you, but nursing school isn't always like in the movies. Don't hold your breath for the pillowfights. Maybe those are in the BSN programs.
  8. by   RoadKillRNFA
    RoadKillRNFA here. RNFA located in ORange County, CA. Can't say I've had any problems being a male nurse. I do find I am paid a bit more than my female peers, and I get a lot less crap from the docs in OR also. It may be 20 years of OR experience but, I believe gender plays a big role too.
  9. by   nativehealer
    [font=book antiqua]are native medicine men allowed to be here also? or this just for nurses?

    native healer
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  10. by   nursing student 101
    hi guys i start my nursing program in the fall next year, my university wont let me switch to nursing half way through the year so i am stuck in bachelor of health sciences... i cant wait to switch! i think it is the best move i've made in my life!
  11. by   Dignan
    I'm a male student nurse and I loved the field so far.
  12. by   AC439
    Hey guys..male nurse here...Just saw this separate male nurse forum from the other one in student area. I'm doin' Excelsior now, so far straight 'A's (proud of it). Hopefully finish all the writtens with them in 4-6 weeks. Reason why I chose this path is I don't want to take any more abuse from a trad nursing school. About work, I hate med/sug and like ER/OR. Also, I don't trust hospital management and will never do. Like ya'll, I love cars and will get my hands dirty working on the engines. Nursing is my 3rd career change, used to be in engineering.
  13. by   FNPwannabee
    Hey guys!

    It's me...over here...with the gray beard...Yes, that is my old truck...PLEASE LEAVE THE DOG ALONE!

    Just shy of 40 years with the wife I first grew up with, and am now growing old with: Raised two lovely daughters along the way.

    I been in healthcare basically since 1966. Initially as a respiratory therapist, then as RN in the 1970s. BSN in the 90s. I am working on my MSN/FNP now. I've done most of the jobs you can do as a nurse, in acute care and in long-term care.

    'Not too big on beer, but I do make a bit of homemade wine...mostly peach and concord grape. I'm not an expert, I just do this because I like to do it.

    My wife, one daughter, and I live in rural Georgia. We all are more-or-less continuously enrolled in classes. We stay busy keeping up with with a pretty large piece of land. I trap wild hogs, shoot a deer once in a while from the back porch, and spend time with our church family and large extended family.

    There have been ups and downs over the years in nurse availability. Employers massage the market to try to relieve alledged shortages...Feds stick their noses into it once in a while too, bringing in nurses from other countries: Having once been pretty active in commodities futures trading, I love the shortages. Supply and demand moves the price of everything. If the 'market' is left alone, and nurses do not allow themselves to be abused with regard to Pt/Nurse ratios, it will cause pay rates to rise to a proper level. My belief is that the more men there are in senior professional nurse roles, the more the pay will increase to appropriate levels....And NO, I am not calling for more unions! I'm suggesting that nurses conduct themselves as the professionals they are. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. I do not need a physician referral to become better than I am. (That is not to say that, as a professional, I do not appreciate the support of another professional.) But it must happen as a matter of mutual respect. That does not flow from any kind of manipulation.
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    I will look in here from time to time. Thanks kindly for listening!