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  1. by   NurseKevin
    Someone mentioned that they didnt see the pillow fights in NSG school?

    I missed those as well (well I went through) the Army school but meh wife is a BSN and she told me that there were all kinds of wild parties that I would have loved when she was in college. Of course, she doesn't let me go to her old dorm to see if this sort of behavior persists, for independent verification only of course.
  2. by   Sonic Nurse
    NS, 1st year.
  3. by   jek2839
    I've been a male nurse (LPN) since 1996 and now (RN) since 1997.

    I am a military retired male nurse currently licensed in Michigan & New Mexico and my specialty areas are Psychiatric/Med-Surg/Geriatric Nursing. Presently working on changing to Nursing Administration.

    Best regards,

    Jim, RN, BS, PsyD (student)
  4. by   JohnBearPA
    Nice to have our own section. LPN from Scranton PA here. anyone else in NEPA?
  5. by   jmd
    was on here a while back...but school + work have been taking over

    Should be in NS come this Fall...selling house and quiting programming job with General Motors this summer. Can't wait for the "pillow fights" lol...

    No, I am really excited about this opportunity...I am giving up a lot to get there but I think this is certainly what Robert Frost was talking about
  6. by   Emergency RN
    Newbie here. BSN, Class of 85. Just checking in...

  7. by   maj_primate
    Quote from efiebke
    Yes! Why just the other day, I scratched, burped and farted all at the same time. THAT'S TESTOSTERONE!!!

    Here's to the new forum! :biere:

    And they say women are better at muti-tasking
  8. by   mentalhealthman
    Here to join the club.
  9. by   Blanco600
    Hey there,
    Newbie RN here, glad to have found this website!
  10. by   Redneckmedic63
    Another new member checking in...
  11. by   bsweilrn
    Checking in, great forum!
  12. by   carlo_5

    Class of '06 and just passed the NCLEX. Former computer engineer. I cant believe it...time to REALLY clean the study room.
  13. by   WHAT_THE!?
    Another XY reporting in...