Men working in Clinics

  1. I have been a nurse for 2 years and I have been working in a skilled nursing unit for the whole time as an LPN. I'm trying to get into a clinic or a DR. Office for the better hours because I'm a single Dad. I have applied for several clinics posting LPN positions with no luck. Out of curiosity are clinics/DR. Offices opposed to hiring men who are nurses?
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  4. by   AJJKRN
    I wouldn't think so. You may unfortunately be hitting a wall because so many MD offices use MA's as cheap labor instead so they may only have one position open for an actual nurse and it may also happen to be that so far other nurses with more experience have beat you out. I'm told as a hospital nurse that the clinic jobs are coveted and harder to get into in general because of this.
  5. by   seanynjboy
    I used to manage an Primary Care Office. Didn't do it very long. Informatics job came across my lap and I snatched it up. Been working at home for 2.5 years now...
  6. by   davke17
    I would like to possibly work in a clinic or primary care setting in the future. I haven't seen many jobs post though since most use MA's now.
  7. by   knotizer12
    I work at a clinic right now. The job posting was LPN/CMA. I also tech for our endoscopy center once or twice a week. We are part of a union and the contract is online; I found out I as a starting LPN make only 50 cents more than a starting CMA which is very frustrating to me. I met with on chief clinical officer and basically asked "why did you hire me?"

    We have another LPN in the clinic who has been here for years and years and she does stuff like approve patients who are referred to us and follows cancer patients. They eventually want to train me up to do her job but right now I am basically a glorified medical assistant..

    I understand that it takes patience but I am being paid like 4 dollars less here than I would at other places.

    I would say, if you don't mind potentially being paid less, think about applying for medical assistant positions and then maybe trying to negotiate for more?

    Our clinical director told me that they hired me because of my increased knowledge of the nursing process and body systems and all the "care plan" stuff that medical assistants do not cover but it still bothers me how the two positions are paid so similarly.
  8. by   TXMHNurse
    I was raised by a single mother so I have no problem getting along with female coworkers when they are the majority. In fact they like having me seeing patients who may act inappropriate around or have poor rapport with female nurses.