Men in Nursing Conference - Oct. 24 - 25, 2013, Newark, NJ

  1. Sharing the following info for all who may be interested. A great way to meet other men in Nursing from across the country and get involved with an organization that supports diversity in the nursing profession. Great presenters and CEUs. Membership is open to both women and men.

    American Assembly For Men in Nursing
    37th Annual AAMN Conference: "Men in Nursing: Guided by the Past, Based in the Present, & Unfolding Our Future"
    Hilton Newark Airport Hotel, Elizabeth, NJ
    October 23-25, 2013

    Registration: $385 for members and $435 for non-members

    For more info, check out
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  3. by   aTOMicTom
    Docs' and dentists' conferences are all in Palm Beach and Cabo; ours is in NEWARK?!

  4. by   Guy in Babyland
    Quote from aTOMicTom
    Docs' and dentists' conferences are all in Palm Beach and Cabo; ours is in NEWARK?!

    or at least Las Vegas
  5. by   BostonMurse
    The conference is hosted each year by a different school of nursing. This year, we are sponsored by Seaton Hall University in NJ. The conference was in San Francisco last year and will be in St. Louis next year. From Newark, NYC is easily accessible and groups of us will be going into the city at night. Come join us!
  6. by   aTOMicTom
    I do love NYC! Maybe next year, when I'm actually a nurse ...

  7. by   BostonMurse
    Following is a list of presentations for the conference for a total of 14 educational units.

    Breakout Sessions (which occur 2 at a time and require your choice):
    - "Veterans Satisfaction and Use of Veterans Administration Health Care Services"
    - "Advancing Men's Health, One Partnership at a Time"
    - "Leadership Strategies to Advance Gender Diversity, Inclusion or Balance in the Nursing Workforce"
    - "Dude, You Need to get Into Nursing: How Health Care Organizations Recruit Men in Nursing"
    - "Fostering Intraprofessional Collaborations Using Social Media"
    - "Gender & Resilience: Implications for Nursing"
    - "The Future of Nursing Campaign for Action"
    - "Seeking Gender Balance in Nursing"
    - "Men do it Differently: Examining Men's Nursing Care"
    - "Patient's Perceptions of Being Cared for by Male Nurses"
    - "Building Academic Leadership Capacity Across Diverse Career Pathways"
    - "Describe Leadership Strategies to Advance Gender Diversity within a Professional Association"
    - "Exploring the Role of Men in Nursing from a Historical Perspective"
    - "Formulate Plans to Increase the Number of Men Entering Nursing"

    Featured speakers:
    - Franklin A. Shaffer, Ed.D., RN, FAAN, CEO GCFNS International Inc. - "Men as Leaders in Nursing Span the Globe"
    - William L. Holzemer, RN, PhD, FAAN, Dean & Professor Rutgers College of Nursing - "The Future of Nursing"
    - John Welton, RN, PhD, Professor & Senior Scientist, Health Systems Research & University of Colorado, Denver - "Nursing and the Value Proposition"
    - Michael R. Bleich, PhD, RN, FNAP, FAAN, Dean, Goldfarb School of Nursing - Creating and Acting on a Socially Responsible Agenda: Cultural Awareness and Inclulsiveness in a Reformed Health System"
    - Linda Burns Bolton, Dr. PH, RN, FAAN, VP & Chief Nursing Officer, Cedar Sinai System & Research Institute - "Diversity and Inclusion: Strategies to Promote the IOM Future Nursing Recommendations"
    - Bob Hess, RN, PhD, FAAN, EVP Global Programming - "Empowering Evidence for Shared Governance"
  8. by   nurse2033
    Thanks for letting us know, I've never heard of them.... will take a look.
  9. by   chuckster
    Quote from BostonMurse
    . . .

    Registration: $385 for members and $435 for non-members . . .
    This will undoubtedly be a great conference and I'd love to attend but seriously, $435? Maybe I'l just hang around outside and see if someone leaving the conference will give me their ticket . . .
  10. by   LongislandRN23
    $435 I can literally drive to miami and take a five night cruise. I would live to go but its too cost prohibitive. Maybe when I get a rich husband one day.