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Is there one? In these economic times, are men at more of an advantage in finding a job? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   It'sMe, RN, BBA, MBA
    At my hospital the DON is a male, the ICU NM is a male, there are male nurses in the ICU and ER and my night charge nurse is male. I am liking this hospital better and better everyday!
  2. by   Gerry1888RN
    I think nursing needs more male nurses, especially when it comes down to salary. In the UK, police officers, fire fighters, and even prison officers, that have never stepped into any sort of college, start off at a higher salary than Registered Nurses that have obtained a 3 year diploma or higher. The only reason that I can of why that is such, is that there are not enough men in nursing.
  3. by   CareteamRN70
    The comment above about needing a heavy patient lifted made me chuckle. I have heard that from so many nurses "Oh they are gonnaa love you...when a bariatric patient comes in". lol I just hope my back holds out since that seems to be my one defining quality to many of my instructors. One other ace in the hole we men have are the asinine, sexist, jerk Doctors. There are not as many out there as there once were but enough still are. On the unit I was a tech a Doctor would come up to our unit and completely ignore all the female nurses request, questions, and statements. I would go over, call the doctor by his first name (and yes I did this as a point of derision for how he treated the team I worked with) and say the exact same thing the nurses said to him...and now he is all interested and taking notes and writting out orders for tx...becuase a lowly male tech spoke to him in a familier fashion. Now this is not par for the course..i have seen many many strong willed female nurses advocate for their patients so forcefully I have seen Doctors leave the floor shaking and pale...but Since men in nursing are still a bit of a novelty I think some Doctors don't know what to think of us...they are abit slower to dismiss us and a bit quicker to listen. Please note..I am not advocating this behavior on the part of doctors...and i dont care if he see's me as a "man"...I want to be seen as a competent nurse who is to be listened to if I say a patient is in need.
  4. by   fitharnn
    I live in a primarily Rural State and right now most of our major hospitals will take male RN's over the females for the simple fact is that most of the older patints will not give a male nurse as much "guff" as they will a female. This is not intended to mean that the females can't do the job just that most of the old "farmers" know enough to harrass the girls.
  5. by   techraider77
    I can understand that.
  6. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from pinfinity
    On a lighter note, anywhere there is a 400 lb patient in need of lifting, there will be a demand for said "male" nurse(s) lol!
    Which is why I am looking to enter neonatal, no heavy lifting there ... of course, that's not the only reason I am going into that specialty, though granted it's a nice bonus!