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Im a male and I'm currently working on the pre-requisites for BSN. Any advice?? I really would like to start off here and eventually get more experienced and go on to be a practitioner or PA. Has... Read More

  1. by   Smith5
    Okay well for someone who is interested in the medical field, what would be a career that isn't "sucky"?
  2. by   workingharder
    Hard to say with the way things are going right now. My first impulse would be to look at what fields are the hardest to get into. A general rule of thumb is that the harder it is to get into a field, the better it will be once you're in it. Personal experience has been that Physical Therapy is difficult to crack but, once in there it's a pretty good job. There are others but, I haven't experience with them.
  3. by   KelRN215
    If you want to be a PA, I wouldn't recommend starting with nursing. Nursing is not a stepping stone to becoming a PA, they're 2 separate professions.
  4. by   Smith5
    I feel so discouraged and worried, I really want to be able to be in a career where Im able to help people. I feel so stuck, I just don't know what to do....
  5. by   netglow
    Well, at least you are not already stuck in so much debt as many of the posters on allnurses are. Hey you are taking a look before you leap - wise one! There are a few jobs for new nurses, of course. Look, you do know that for all grads of all fields it's tough now. Nursing in particular because the degree is highly specialized and only will gain you a nursing job. When those don't exist in any appreciable numbers, well you see that the situation gets dire for many.

    Hang around and you will see posts like the one I read the other day of a Bio major was it? Who graduated and in fear of not finding a job, has been told that nursing jobs are everywhere. She could not be more incorrect. She wants to go straight into a nursing degree now, thinking a job is a sure thing. Well, what was it? She'd be looking at over $75,000 debt after all this and, very likely no nursing job. You see? You are way ahead of the game. There is no rush, take a time out and really read up on the forums, go ask to shadow and talk to actual nurses like you are here and some PAs and NPs. Make sure those you speak with are relatively new. The very experienced nurses never had the problems the newer nurses today have in starting their careers. Unless they like to keep the pulse on current things, they simply will lead you astray. Healthcare is changing.
  6. by   Smith5
    Thanks for the info and advice. I just don't know where Ill go if not this, its something I really wanted to pursue.
  7. by   Stcroix
    I agree with everyone about it being a very challenging time for new grads to find jobs. there are, however, jobs for new grads that have special qualifications or experiences. By that I mean, those new grads with experience with an organization in a lesser capacity (such as a patient care tech) very often get the few jobs that do become available. It is a case of not how good you are, but who you know (or are known by). I have seen this in my own recent graduating class. Those who worked for a hospital while in school got jobs almost to a person. You have to have something going for you that sets you apart form the crowd, and grades or prestigious schools aren't it. Good luck to you.
  8. by   Smith5
    I guess you can say that for a lot of markets, not just nursing??. Seems like teachers are also having a hard time
  9. by   mariebailey
    It's a bad time for any profession, not nursing in particular. By the time you finish, that may not be the case. There is no telling what the job market will look like when the ACA takes full effect. I will not pretend to know; others will.

    Welcome, potential, future nurse.
  10. by   Smith5
    how are those jobs for people with a degree in medical technology?? How does that look?
  11. by   lovetheocean
    Hi Andy5, choosing a profession is not an easy decision. Since you know that you want something in the medical field, perhaps you can go to a career counselor and they can help you to decide. I think they have them at community colleges and the testing and counseling are free of charge. Best wishes!
  12. by   Smith5
    I will look into that too =] thank you!
  13. by   subee
    I'm 65 and still working and there's a lot of others like me who are hanging on by their fingernails and decreasing their work hours. Being a male is to your advantage and if you don't mind moving around, you will get a job somethere. People who hire want to hire men far, you can't get pregnant and leave. If you really want to work with people, nursing is a great fit for you. is also great career but not the people job your're looking for . Physical therapy, very wisely, required a doctorate now. Their numbers are limited, thus salaries will stay up. If you do decide to go for nursing, do not bother with anything else but BSN - it's becoming a minimum requirement in more places and you don't want to limit your job prospects. I'm at the very end of my career and loved almost every minute of it.