I think i may have chosen the wrong field maybe?????

  1. OK i love my pt's and i really enjoy being a nurse, however i am already sick of the "nursing thought process" i want to know the medicine aspect of everything. i guess what im saying is should i go to med school? Do u think a nurse would make a good Doc?
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  3. by   Lemmie52
    this is my first time replying to anyone. First of all, I like men in nursing, because they teach the male perspective on how they think. I was an LPN in the Army 10 years. I thought I knew everythin about men, because I raised all boys and was married to one. Wrong They are all different with many temperments, back grounds., and personalities. I encouragee a guy who was really bright and needed to be on the edge of technology and excitement. He was not the type to be in a nursing home or labor and delivery, he definately was a type A. He ended up in Special Forces and went on to be a PA through the Armny. It was good, because the Armny paid for it all plus his salary, but then he had to give them some time, I believe 2-3 years. He siad they weere the best years of his life and I signed the paperwork and off he went. He started in a Family Practice clinic and now is in the OR harvesting veins for a Heart Surgeon and loves it.
    As with any new job, you are the new kid on the block and you end up doing a lot of labs, work ups, history, ect. for a surgeon. He has been accepted to med school and will start next year. He has tested out of may classes and so his load is lighter than most. Plus he is able to work while going to school and the hospital is paying for his tuition with the stipulation he will stay working for x amount of years. So, if you are bored in nursihg, llok also as a flight nurse, ER nurse, or OR nursing. Most guys tend not to lke chronic care and OB GYN, unless the are delivering the babies themselves. It is not unusual to move on and try another specialty. Some stay in one specialty forever and never grow. Strtch yourself and grow. You can do it. Barb
  4. by   SteveNNP

    Have you thought about eventually getting your NP or CNS? It sounds like you are just eager to learn more, not just fed up with "nursing thought processes." I personally think that nurses are just as empowered to know/learn the patho/etiology involving our patients, we just get bogged down in all the fluff of the nursing process sometimes. I think that as an MD I personally would miss the interaction that I have as an RN. I watch the 3 neonatologists I work with run around and do paperwork/write orders and go to meetings as my RN coworkers "meet the needs" of our preemie pts. I wonder sometimes if they've ever had the time to sit for 5 min and just hold or feed a baby like I get to do, (more often then I'd like, sometimes I'll admit). Becoming an MD would require a huge commitment, including more than 8 years more school in your case. I hope this helps!
  5. by   Tweety
    Go for it if your not happy, especially while you're young.

    I enjoy where I work, because I do look at the medical aspect of the patients conditions and needs and then ask the doc if there's something I need, or a condition that needs reporting. That's enough for me.
  6. by   Rocky_LPN
    Quote from SteveRN21

    Have you thought about eventually getting your NP or CNS? It sounds like you are just eager to learn more, not just fed up with "nursing thought processes."
    i have thought about it many times, however i once was eating with a surgeon and we where talking about my future goals and i said something about becoming a NP and the doc went into detail about how even NP still are more nursing oriented then medical. All the research i have done does not disprove that statment at all so i dunno.......................
  7. by   augigi
    I don't think anyone can tell you what to do, it's a personal decision. Many people have trained as nurses then gone to med school. It would have to be helpful I'd imagine. If you have the ambition, money and commitment then go for it.