Hard of Hearing Male Student Nurse

  1. Hello Friends ,
    I know there are lots of good advice here in nurising forum
    So I am trying this . I am Male student Nurse with hearing loss .
    I am wondering what kind of Nursing would be suitable for me .
    What kind of Setting/ Speciality would be better for Nurse with hearing problem
    Thank you
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  3. by   simao pt
    I think you've already got half the requisits to became a "boss". They always pretend to ear you, but hardly ever do.
  4. by   jhines
    I am a male nurse and would just like to say that recently I worked with a doctor an emergency department who could only hear you if he was looking at you and reading your lips. Like I said he was in emergency of all places, and he seemed to be coping fine. I am not going to tell you where you should or should not work but I just thought I'd share this experience of mine with you so you can see that it may be possible for you to work in whatever department you want.

    Good Luck
  5. by   Cute_CNA
    I work at a psychiatric hospital, and there's a deaf unit. Perhaps a hospital with a deaf unit would work well for you?
  6. by   zacarias

    I guess we should ask, how hard of hearing are you? I only hear out of my right ear and I have no problems. I use a normal stethoscope and while I sometimes have to say, "What?" to my coworks the first time they say something, it's not a big deal.
    Even if you are severely hearing impaired, there are electronic/amplified stethoscopes that can do wonders, you might want to look into it.
  7. by   QMA_David
    If you know sign or can learn sign language I'm sure schools for the blind would be great since usually the blind have more acute hearing. Also you could check out something like webMD or create your own business. I would not suggest anything where emergencies or codes are likely to happen and you need to hear quickly or react very quickly. Hospice nursing,,,agency or staffing in a hospital where you decide what floor the patient goes on. Anything that you might be able to use computers to share your gift online help for people.................and remember no employer can discriminate against you based on disablitly...if they do so the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the most wonderful agency for helping people....