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Just out of curiousity, for those who are guys, or have friends in nursing that are males what are the most ideal positions (or those guys enjoy most) for male nurses...thoughts, ideas, experiences..... Read More

  1. by   BCRNA
    CRNA's almost 50/50 men/women. It attracts more men then other specialties. I agree that men can work anywhere in nursing and can do great in any field. And women can do any position also. But most men end up in ICU, ER, critical care settings. And proportionally many more men end up in "advanced" level roles, not saying men are better or anything. Just as a whole tend to more to the mindset of constantly advancing their career. Men are just more career oriented than women. I know this is probably going to get alot of responses of "women can be that way too". My point is if you look at nursing as a whole their are very few men in it and the ones who are in it are more likely to be in the positions I already stated. Where I work the crna ratio is always closer to 70 percent men, 30 percent women. The director of anesthesia would never publically admit it, but SHE prefers to hire men because they usually get along better. And I have never heard of a patient specifically request a women, or anyone for that matter saying anything similiar to it.