4 Months before starting nursing school, what would you have done?

  1. Hey,

    So i am starting nursing school (RN.. then eventually do RN->BScn Bridge) in Ontario in Sep 09 (Still waiting for additional waiting list acceptances), i am 21 btw.

    If you could go back in time, what things/issues would have done to prep yourself for the experience?

    So far i have the following:

    - Read other Male Nurse experiences here.
    - Review some basic sciences
    - Research some potential books i may need.
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  3. by   markuskristian
    I can't say from experience as I'm just now applying for upper division bsn, but after posing the same question to nurses I know, I was told to really study up on anatomy and medical terminology.
  4. by   JettRNurse
    My experience in Nursing School was that it just required hard work. If I were you, I would spend as much time as possible going on dates, hanging out with friends, and watching TV shows or going to the movies as possible, because once you start nursing school... all that will have to change . I am mostly joking. Nursing school is hard, but it is totally do-able. Just go in with an open mind, and work very hard in the beginning. I would advise you to overstudy at the beginning, and then once you feel you are "getting the hang of it" you can relax a little bit. I felt nursing school kind of eased students in. Good luck to you, work hard! You will do great!
  5. by   Highend
    Oooo. Learn from me, stay away from all the drama of the women. It is amazing how bad my class was, worse than jr high and high school combined. I was 1 of only 5 guys in the class, and man was I passed around..... lol. I wont lie, I put in my fare share of drama by being a little toooooo friendly with some of the girls in class, but its hard to avoid when you see them day in and day out....you kinda lose your friends, and nursing school class becomes your friends and family, you will rely on them for everything, and oddly enough you will meet some people that seem to do more and care more for you than even your best friend of xx years. Its hard, and its like a rollercoaster, some days you wanna just quit, then you feel like you have a handle on it, and boom, something else throws you off into a dark tunnle of despare. Bite down, stay under the radar, be friendly, and prepare for 2 years that will feel like 5. In the end, you will miss every person in your class, even if you didnt really like or talk to them. and again, dont be a whore, just leads to headaches.
  6. by   InnovativeNurse
    Thanks for the responses, i had a feeling since i will be one of those rare guys there, i have to stay polite and under the radar. A slip up will probably cost a lot of drama.
  7. by   JettRNurse
    Highend: Amen to what you said. Dealing with the same people for 2 solid years, it is so easy to start seeing your classmates in "that light". You spend all day together in class, in the hospital, in the library, at each others houses studying for tests, we were even sharing hotel rooms the night before clinicals, because some of the facilities were over an hour away, and we had to be there to do prelab the night before. You all have similar goals, and professional interests. I highly recommend staying away from relationships with classmates! The last thing you need is to have people taking sides, and being awkward after a break up, or fling. Your class is your support group, don't jeapordize it! I am a seventh day adventist, and we believe that saturday is a day of rest. The bible talks about how God rested on the seventh day, and essentially created the "sabbath" or seventh day (saturday) for man (and women alike of course) to rest. I didn't study a single saturday through nursing school, and it seriously saved me! I don't know if you are religious or not, but even if you aren't I would highly encourage taking saturday off, sleep in, get together with friends, take your mind off of things. (Sabbath is usually observed friday sundown, to saturday sundown, if you are interested.) Again good luck, and strap in! It's quite the journey!
  8. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    Its up to you, I know some people who have just chilled out for the summer and waiting for the hard work that's to come. I personally decided to get my CNA certification and get a job as a CNA (I did the training during the summer and I was working by middle - end of Sept.) I found that getting a foot in the door has really helped and given me an edge but its not for everyone. Its also nice to know that I have a job at a hospital so when I am done with nursing school I will have someplace to work in this struggling economy and getting a job as an RN here will be that much easier. Its really up to you but whatever you do just be ready to study when the fall comes around. Good luck!

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  9. by   LocoStrange
    I am 6 months into my program and its true.... you do not have a life. I have exams every week, sometimes two exams per week and I am only in 3 classes (2 nursing related w/ 2 labs, and patho). And there is about 15% males in the program. Good news is every girl knows you, the bad news is every girl knows you .

    I dont remember the last I saw my friend outside of nursing school because we dont have the time for that. Good luck if you have a girlfriend who understands that. Not to mention, when I am not in school, I will be at the library studying with my study group from the minute the library opens to the second the library closes, every single day.

    What could I have changed? Go out, have fun, enjoy your life/friends because you wont when you start. Save up as much money as you can because if you dont have to work, it will work in your benefit. Get a smartphone/PDA/books/dvd or something and start reviewing stuff now and be aware of the fundimental skills now.

    I also was forced to upgrade my phone too because of the constant calls/text messages related to school
  10. by   Intubate89
    Hey there,

    I went to Ottawa U in the mid 90s.

    Anyways, what I tell my students is to totally submerge yourself into nursing. Eat, drink, sleep, talk, read nursing. Nursing school only gives you the basics. In order for you to come out flying ahead of your counterparts and be a great nurse, you need to do more than just the curriculum requirements. Ask questions, volunteer to assist holding a leg while the RN puts in a foley (even though you haven't learned it in school yet), read more than you're assigned.

    I guess what I'm saying is that in your 2-3 years of nursing school, you cannot possibly be exposed to everything and unless you take the bull by the horns and seek out experiences, you'll miss a lot.
  11. by   celliott101
    What school are you attending?
  12. by   Intubate89
    I go to Fresno State getting an MSN
  13. by   InnovativeNurse
    Waiting list on Mohawk/Conestoga, got offer from Seneca and waiting for George Brown.

    Most likely George Brown if i get in.
  14. by   AirforceRN
    In preparation? Enjoy your summer. Hang out with friends, find a nice patio and make it home.
    Once school starts...then the fun begins.
    Everyone will know your name before you know theirs...get used to it.
    You screw up once and ALL your classmates will hear about it (Girls talk...a lot)
    Don't expect "let's not tell anyone about this" to work...see above point.
    There will be times that you will sit there and think to yourself..."Really? Are females truly this crazy?" and the answer is yes, they are. If God didn't make them soft and attactive and fantastic smelling our species would be in trouble.
    Enjoy nursing school. I had a great time and hope you do to