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    I am an LPN & Have been for over 30yrs! What you say is so true Hon but the fact is that the RN'S rule & they always will at least here in Ohio.They are hiring only RN's in our area hospitals,leaving no positions for the LPN other than long-term care.We as LPN's were able to have unit managers positons in long-term care now they are want RN's for those positions as well.Maybe it is differnt in your state.I wish you all the success with this & am anxious to see what happens.May God bless you.

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    thank you but let me tell you it wasn't always easy.


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    Good Morning,
    I am new to this sight so thought I would stop & introduce myself.I have been a nurse for there isn't to much I haven't experienced in this field.With only a few years left until I retire I must say I have enjoyed my job very much.I am now working in long-term care but worked for over 20yrs in our commmunity hospital.Being an LPN in the hospital wasn't always a good experience.Let's say I am much happier were I am now.I am married with 3 grown children & 9 grandchildren.I dabble in wild-life photography & am a bird watcher.I hope I get to meet some of you.