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    Hey Gisele!
    I graduated from a 2 yr school in Fla and my prerequistes to get into the program were a total of 13 cr. which were math and sciences and psyc. Once I was in the program I finished the rest of the requirements that were needed to graduate, like mirobiology and some other requirements to attend the BSN program. Just continue to hang in there. The road may be challenging at times, but it's worth it in the end!!

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    Right on Suzy K!!! I fully agree!!

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    I feel that LPN's are not neccessary for patient health care. I understand the rationale for certain hospitals to eradicate LPN's. I feel they are more of an added responsiblity to the R.N. Now concerning 2 year programs, I feel that some of the best nurses have come out of those programs. I graduated from a 2 yr program and continued on for my B.S.N. and it was an excellent transition for me. I do not regret my path, and I feel as If the 2 yr program prepared me more for the clinical responsiblity as a RN.