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    Unless the patient is physically assaulting you, suck it up buttercup. Welcome to Nursing, men AND women are terrible/creepy, learn to value your compliant and courteous patients but treat them all the same.

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    Do it about Pediatric Fevers! That has got to be one of the most misunderstood subjects by parents.

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    Hey all,

    I am interested in finding people who are into prepping for disasters. I have created a group on Facebook called "Colorado Springs Preppers" If you are not directly in Colorado Springs that's ok! Although if you are North of COS there is already a pretty active group for that area so check them out. Anyway I would love some more medical expertise in the group so check us out!

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    You can never force a patient to take a shower. However, to simply document refusal and move on is careless.

    First, I would ask why the patient does not want the shower. Pain? Tired? Wants it at a different time/day? Doesn't like how the shower is performed? Doesn't want to shower as often? Doesn't like you? Doesn't like somebody else involved in the care during the shower? Etc. This is important first question to quickly assess the problem and offer a solution.

    Second, if they don't give a specific problem(which often happens in these cases), offer the patient other options. Bed bath, quick wipe down of sensitive areas etc. There are multiple ways to give basic hygiene without a shower. If having problems coming up with options speak to the Charge Nurse. If they're still not accepting, then you should document: that you offered, attempted to find reason for refusal and offered other means/times of cleaning but was still refused and that the nurse was notified.

    Third, if like in your scenario the patient IS bathing at least once per week, then the patient's care plan should have already been re-evaluated and family notified to discuss options to keep the patient hygienic.

    This is kind of a pet peeve of mine as I believe basic cleanliness and safety is an essential priority in Nursing care and I see it neglected too often due to difficult patients. But the fact is, everyone is different and has different needs/wants. You just HAVE to figure those out. This process might take a little more time at first but, in my experience will save you loads in the future.

    Good Luck.

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    I looked into this program extensively, and it's my personal opinion that you're better off taking the long road and going through a traditional program.

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    Hey! I'm doing my pre req's at PPCC right now, looking into CSU-Pueblo's LPN-RN. I know you're doing the Basic RN, but how are you liking the classes/clinicals?

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    Hey! I'm not in the program, but I'm starting my undergrad this summer. Where are you in the process?

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    I'm an LPN starting at PPCC in the fall to finish my prereq's for the LPN to RN program. Anybody else out there in the Springs area? Looking to maybe take some classes together form a study group etc. Comment or direct message me if interested!